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Hidden Desire


Story about:mature, erotic romance, billionaire love

Age restriction: 18+

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On Hold: 12 Oct 8 pages

Publication: 11.10.2020 — ...

Description of book "Hidden Desire"

"You think you are so great? You're so full of yourself, Shierra." He leans closer, his face an inch away from hers. He stares at her lips and then looks straight into her eyes. "You used to be my world. But not anymore. I don't even find you attractive."

Julius' words strikes her heart like a dagger. She can't believe she has fallen for this brute. "If you don't want me, then prove it! I never wanted to be here with you," she bits back tears as she defiantly holds his gaze.

"There is nothing to prove. Have you forgotten who I am? Or do I need to remind you?"

"I know exactly who you are. So what if you are my billionaire boss? I don't want you either!" she hissed as she tries to keep her pride intact. "I wouldn't want to be with you even if you're the last man on earth!"

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Lilly lavender
11.10.2020, 12:53:06

Great start.... Will be looking forward to the chapters ahead!!!!!! Do update soon???

11.10.2020, 22:15:25

Lilly lavender, Lilly lavender thank you for reading it. Please follow me to receive updates on my story. Thanks :)

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