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Hidden in the Shadows: Book One

Olivia Gordon Reid

Series: Hidden in the Shadows Series

Story about:magic, coming of age, battles

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#76 in Action fantasy
#223 in Supernaturals

Complete 73 pages

Publication: 22.04.2020 — 24.04.2020

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Description of book "Hidden in the Shadows: Book One "

Fifteen-year-old Renee Patterson lives a pretty normal life, except she can see weird things all around her. Unexplainable things. Supernatural things. When no one reacts to them, she starts to think that she's going crazy. However, when she meets two new, mysterious girls on the first day of school after summer break, she is plunged into a world full of magic, mayhem, and adventure that she never thought she’d be a part of. She finds out that she is more than human. There’s more to her that meets the eye, a part of her she didn’t know existed. And that part of her might hold the key to stopping an evil, ancient vampire princess who wants to destroy the world. Not only that, but she first has to navigate new friends, new powers, and the magical world under her feet. What could go wrong?

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Izzy 22.05.2020, 05:57:45


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Olivia Gordon Reid 17.07.2020, 17:34:55

Izzy, Thanks so much for the read Izzy! Glad you enjoyed. Your stories are worth reading as well!

Celeste I. 17.05.2020, 09:05:20

What an interesting story I read, and it's only the first part!

I like the friendship between Renee and Summer, it's not instant, and they're opposites, but you can tell they care for one another, and I like that Summer plays a big role in the story too, not just Renee. I was worried about where you would go with Vera and Amy's characters, but I pleasantly surprised that they didn't turn out to be evil. Shame we don't see much of the two after Renee goes to the academy (same goes for the other characters minus Annabelle). I liked Annabelle at first, but I wish we saw more of her friendship with the others blossom more.

There's a lot of exposition in regards to the plot and character motives, but I like the idea of the supernatural beings fighting others in a workplace with human elements, while keeping it a secret, it's like I'm watching an anime.

I feel like Renee is too much of a passive protagonist, getting dragged by others toward the plot without saying or doing much til the end. She's also pretty powerful, and that vampire thing came out of nowhere and had no payoff so far. I'm glad Gwen has more of a point than just being the mean girl, but she was flat for a villain.

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Olivia Gordon Reid 18.05.2020, 14:50:20

Celeste I., You can read it either way! I plan on finishing very soon, so read it whenever you’re ready.

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