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Hidden secret


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mystery, fantasy


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Publication: 06.02.2019 — 18.02.2019

Description of book "Hidden secret"

Part of A chance encounter​ and the Límíng wù series.

When Límíng wù and his brother Dong where children, they love nothing more than to explore the land near their home because it was a place of mountains, wide open fields and thick dark forests that went on for miles in all directions. One day when they were out they stubble on something which has been lost and hidden for centuries...

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John Mitchell 15.02.2019, 15:35:08

love your stories, they are so different in a good way

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Babs 17.02.2019, 14:46:51

John Mitchell, That makes me so happy hear ^_^ I am glad you are enjoying them. I will posting the final part very soon.

Tiffany Kole 14.02.2019, 14:35:23

good one

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Babs 17.02.2019, 14:45:02

Tiffany Kole, Thanks, final part coming soon :)

Helen Nice 12.02.2019, 18:42:21

very pleased to read your new story on here

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Babs 13.02.2019, 09:30:52

Helen Nice, That makes me happy to hear :) I hope you are enjoying it so far?

Kerry Ward 07.02.2019, 18:29:00

I´m enjoying it a lot

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Babs 08.02.2019, 08:41:03

Kerry Ward, That makes me very happy, I will be posting the rest very soon ^_^

Krystal 06.02.2019, 14:20:41

very interesting

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Babs 07.02.2019, 02:07:04

Krystal, I pleased to hear that and I hope you find the rest just as interesting ^_^

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