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Hidden Sparks


Story about:marriage

Age restriction: 18+

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#814 in Romantic suspense
#5907 in Romance

On Hold: 18 Oct 3 pages

Publication: 18.10.2020 — ...

Description of book "Hidden Sparks "

"I really can't believe you're denying me in bed as a punishment, Jadesola." He growled, his voice laced with a dangerous edge to it.

I paused in the middle of applying my beauty mask but refused to grant him my attention.

"I believe I am not talking to a mannequin, Jade? Or are you going to ignore me as well?" When he met with silence, he stood up from the bed and began to walk closer to where I sat.

He really wanted me to talk huh?!

"William, you went ahead and did what I requested, no, I made you promise not to do. And you expect me to jump into your bed like a dog on heat afterwards? Why consult me now if you can make your decisions on your own." My body still sat in front of that mirror, but it was far from relaxed anymore, being in the same space with Williams always yielded


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