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#149 in Romantic fantasy
#116 in Paranormal Romance

Ongoing: 07 May 10 pages

Publication: 04.05.2022 — ...

Description of book "Hiring The Wolf King"

Alisha saw herself lying on the floor. She was dead. She saw her family mourning for her, but no one could see her. She remembered seeing a shady woman before dying. That lady put her hand in Alisha's chest and pulled her heart out, without any wound, or any blood. Before leaving she looked at the spirit and said this suffering will end, she will vanish in 100 days, without anyone knowing. Alisha had to find her heart back. After a series of events, Alisha met a guy who had great smelling power. He could smell magic as well. With the promise of half of Alisha's wealth, he agreed to help Alisha by finding her heart. But little did Alisha know that she was hiring the Lycaon, king of wolves.


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