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His Best Mistake Ever


Story about:tragedy, revenge, painful past

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On Hold: 10 Jan 52 pages

Publication: 29.09.2020 — ...

Description of book "His Best Mistake Ever"

“You don’t know me and when you know who I am. You will not even stand beside me.” she said, wiping the blood. Her voice was cold, dead, and distant. She smiled when she saw the color draining from his face. He tilts his head studying her bloody body. Then he smiled and said,

“I don’t care who you were sweetheart. But from today you are MINE.” he smirked and kissed her with hunger.

She was broken
He knew that
she just looked innocent
he knew that
Dark secrets were hidden behind her smile
He knew that too
But he was crazy for her
And that craziness made it impossible for him to stay away from her

Everyone warned him not to get involved with her but he did

And he made a mistake

But he says that was the best mistake he ever made

She was his best mistake ever


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22.12.2020, 05:40:28

Please start writing this book again. it is interesting. please update.

24.12.2020, 05:58:46

MyStEriOusMoOdY, Thank you

The Goddess tells you
09.10.2020, 09:42:38

I think our main lead (hero).....:-)

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