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His Crazy Assassin: Safira's Nook

Akira Vi

Story about:billionare, assassin, crazygirl

Age restriction: 18+

13 37

#1906 in Billionaires
#5607 in Romance

On Hold: 05 Jan 21 pages

Publication: 07.11.2020 — ...

Description of book "His Crazy Assassin: Safira's Nook"

She had a shady past. He had a dull life.
And then she retired. Until he met her.
Safira grew up trained as an assassin under her adoptive weird father. She became the best to please him until she got bored and decided to live her life as a strong, independent woman. She loved cats and have fond memories of a coffee shop so she went ahead and made her own cat cafe.
Min is the heir to a multinational company spanning airlines, logistics, and chains of hotels. He was raised to be the boss. Thus, having a restricted and by the book life since childhood. Trained to charm people and be cold as needed. To have authority over everything. A luxurious but monotonous life. He is allergic to cats.
What happens when the billionaire stumbles into the assassin's cat cafe? Will there be sparks? Maybe.


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