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His Crazy Fake Girl


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We all say 'I love you' to someone within seconds not bothering if we mean it or not. This is the generation we are living. There is no trust or no value for the word called love. This is the same situation of Ayaan and Sparsh as they have signed a contract where they are pretending that they are in a relationship just to prove that Ayaan Singhaniya could settle and to catch a stalker red handed.

He was using her just as a bait and he would throw her away after his work is done That was his plan but it all changed when he fell in love with her.

She vowed herself that she would never feel anything else than hatred towards the male population but she fell so deep in his love that she could never find a way out.

This became more messy when the stalker, arrogant b*tch and a worst enemy i

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Cute beginning. Are you going to continue it?

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Appyfizz_gone_crazy, meaning?

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