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Book. "His deadly obsession and love " read online

His deadly obsession and love

Javeria Atif

Story about:mafialove, mafia dark romance, mafia love and possessive

Age restriction: 18+

44 175

#447 in Romantic suspense
#501 in Romantic erotica

On Hold: 16 May 18 pages

Publication: 15.05.2022 — ...

Description of book "His deadly obsession and love "

Everything was going fine but we can't stay happy for long. I went through hell and came back when my savior saved me but who will save him.

I promise to be there for him whenever he needs me and I take a vow if that.

I will avenge my baby who was killed on my womb before even getting to see the world.



That's what I called her. She caught my eyes and now she's mine. I love her. She's mine. I am hers.

But we didn't get to stay happy for so long. Things took a very brutal turn and bow its hard to change it.

I will avenge my sister , my mother , my Angel and my child.

I vow to protect my Angel even if it means to sacrifice my life.

I'll gladly for her and not have any grudges

If someone hurts my Angel , they hurt me.

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22.05.2022, 11:21:28

Update please

Javeria Atif
24.06.2022, 01:30:53

Fouziya, I'm sorry for not updating here. you can read the book on wattpad. I'll be continuing it there.

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