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Book. "His Desire" read online

His Desire

Ji Na Coel

Story about:love to hate, self healing, traumatic past

Age restriction: 18+

31 595

#523 in Contemporary Romance
#110 in School

On Hold: 02 Feb 45 pages

Publication: 13.07.2022 — ...

Description of book "His Desire"

People think of me as a rich snobbish bastard but she was different, when we met for the first time, she kept with my obnoxious personality till I came to adore her. And with time that adoration took the shape of love. But then she left me, making my heart yearn for her presence. After a long time when I had learned to live without her, she came back into my life. She was not the same and I was afraid that she will leave me if I confess but all changed when I saw her with my best friend. He had pulled her into a tight hug, patting her back reassuringly while kissing her forehead repeatedly. That day something changed in me, and I realized that she doesn’t deserve my love. Hence, I started to loathe her, torturing her in every possible way. But still, somewhere in my heart, I desire her.

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Bushra Naseer
21.07.2022, 18:01:52


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