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His Fate My Destiny

Christy Cisson

Story about:paranormal romance, lovestory, humanvampirelovestory

Age restriction: 18+

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#76 in Paranormal

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Publication: 04.02.2021 — 18.04.2021
Contests: Beauty and the Beast

Description of book "His Fate My Destiny "

When the vampires took over the world, humans fled their homes searching for hidden places to live. If caught, you become a palace slave for the vampire king and all his subjects that follow him. We are all left of the free human race nestled in an old bomb shelter used for government refugees back when the world was normal. Our whereabouts are kept secret so that the entire human race will not be enslaved.

I meet with the Vampire King to get my sister back after she is captured; he catches my scent, telling him I am his mate. After making a deal with him trading my life for hers, little, did I know what destiny held for me becoming his mate for the rest of my life?

Can I learn to love the creature that destroyed everything I knew in life? Can he love a human?


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Bello Basirat
27.05.2021, 10:16:25

I so much love this story,keep it up.

D Sapphire
07.05.2021, 12:40:36

babe did she die noooo

Christy Cisson
08.05.2021, 23:41:06

D Sapphire, No she was turned at the last second but the site told me she had to stay human for the entire book so I ended it with her human life ending but her transformation was just starting.

Jessica Wright
15.02.2021, 05:50:20

Always love a good vampire romance. Best of luck in the contest :)

Christy Cisson
15.02.2021, 15:14:33

Jessica Wright, Thank you, I have other books on here if you are a interested in reading them. No more vampire romance yet but working on another one to release soon.

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