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His Forgotten Love

Teniccia Ray

Story about:heartbreak, sweet romance, separation

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#32 in Short stories
#76 in Young adult

Complete 33 pages

Publication: 16.08.2020 — 25.04.2021

Description of book "His Forgotten Love "

An accidental meeting had their hearts running.

Shailene is stuck at a hospital. Her father was supposed to pick her, but it's dark now, and he hasn't arrived yet.

Ryan has come at the hospital for his regular treatment. He finds about her problem and offers to help.

How this good deed of 'helping' ends them up finding their ways into each other?

What does life have in store for them? Will their relationship survive the 'rollercoaster ride'?

Dive into the story to find out!


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07.01.2021, 11:38:40

Well written.....waiting for a sequel

Teniccia Ray
07.01.2021, 18:27:25

Jesse, Thank you so much. Your feedback means a lot. :)
The sequel will take time.

Phoenix Still in ash
15.12.2020, 18:12:38

Will there be a second book for it?

Phoenix Still in ash
28.12.2020, 16:17:40

Teniccia Ray , No problem! I'm not going anywhere

gemma wendell
21.09.2020, 08:49:12

well written...

Teniccia Ray
22.09.2020, 10:59:57

gemma wendell, Thank you:)

Romel F T Gould
16.09.2020, 23:00:01


15.09.2020, 18:49:45

Honestly author this novel is amazing
thanks dearest

Teniccia Ray
15.09.2020, 16:14:10

Queenebunoluelwa, Thank you:) I'm glad you liked it!

Anupreksha Bakliwal
07.09.2020, 10:24:52

I love the story. I'll be waiting for the next update. :)

Teniccia Ray
07.09.2020, 09:31:30

Anupreksha Bakliwal, Thankyou:)
I'll be updating soon!

Jean Morrison
05.09.2020, 16:34:27

This is an amazing story!!
Keep writing:)

Teniccia Ray
06.09.2020, 02:12:16

Jean Morrison, Thank you:)

30.08.2020, 17:26:48

Like it so far, added to my library :)

Teniccia Ray
30.08.2020, 14:35:50

Izzy, I'm glad you liked it:)

Leah Collins
27.08.2020, 05:51:49

Awww. This update was so romantic and sweet.

Teniccia Ray
27.08.2020, 08:40:59

Leah Collins , Yeah!
I'm glad you liked it:)

Vijay Kerji
25.08.2020, 16:58:45

wow, the story ended with a cliffhanger! Please update soon!

Teniccia Ray
25.08.2020, 16:52:08

Vijay Kerji, Thank you for your kind words:)

Gracie Ella leonard
20.08.2020, 09:07:57

interesting story. please follow me back and check out my first book titled the blessing in disguise or save it in your library for updates, thanks❤❤❤

Teniccia Ray
20.08.2020, 09:23:06

Gracie Ella leonard, Thank you!
Sure, I'll read your book:)

Amber M Kestner
16.08.2020, 18:53:08

Sounds pretty good. It will definitely need edited later but great first chapter.

Amber M Kestner
18.08.2020, 14:46:10

Teniccia Ray, You are so welcome :)

Marilyn Lucero
17.08.2020, 00:33:59

Sounds interesting.

Teniccia Ray
17.08.2020, 06:44:28

Marilyn Lucero, Thanks...means a lot...I hope not to disappoint you in future:)

Henrietta Otu
17.08.2020, 02:32:00


Teniccia Ray
17.08.2020, 06:43:15

Henrietta Otu, :)

muthulakshmi G
17.08.2020, 03:11:30

I like you story

Teniccia Ray
17.08.2020, 06:43:01

muthulakshmi G, thanks so much dear....keep reading:)

Jannat Ara Ria (Artemisia)
16.08.2020, 13:12:04

keep up your work.❤

Teniccia Ray
16.08.2020, 12:01:32

Artemisia, Yes dear...thank you:)

16.08.2020, 13:28:06

Hi dear congratulations for your book... already added your book my library..I will stay with you in complete journey...all the best dear, enjoy your passion and hope you achieve lots of success with this book.

Teniccia Ray
16.08.2020, 12:01:02

Kitzy, Thank you so very much for your wishes. It means a lot to me:)

Angela Omozojie (Sky Angel)
16.08.2020, 14:10:20

nice so far. I've added the book to my library but I suggest you quickly update and get to the main plot, so that your readers will be excited to read more. happy writing and welcome to booknet.

Teniccia Ray
16.08.2020, 11:59:50

Sky Angel, Thank you so very much. I will be updating after every 2 days...if I can then I'll upload every day...I'm working on it!
Happy reading:)

Vijay Kerji
16.08.2020, 14:47:58

Can't wait to read more! Please update soon!

Teniccia Ray
16.08.2020, 11:56:08

Vijay Kerji, Yeah..more chapters coming soon...glad you liked it!
Happy reading:)

Roza Csergo
16.08.2020, 10:24:25

Hi. Welcome to Booknet. Added your story to my library and looking forward to the updates.
Would you consider dividing up the large text into paragraphs and maybe starting the dialogue in a new line whenever the speaker changes? I'm suggesting this because it would make it easier on the reader.

Teniccia Ray
16.08.2020, 08:20:43

Roza Csergo, Sure..thanks for pointing out. I'll make sure to avoid these mistakes next time. ❤

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