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His love

Neppi Sue

Series: HIS LOVE

Story about:vampire, contract marriage, vampire and human romance

1094 55317

#834 in Romance
#147 in Fantasy

Complete 121 pages

Publication: 02.02.2021 — 17.03.2021
Contests: Beauty and the Beast

Description of book "His love"

"Since you're already mine, struggling is pointless," he said tracing a finger down her nape. His free arm was draped around her waist pulling her agaisnt him. She bit her lower lip and he smirked.

Sapphire is an innocent, strong willed girl who's often mistaken to be meek. She is forced to marry the infamous prince of the neighbouring kingdom even without his presence at their wedding, because of a stupid prophecy. Then her path collides with the mysterious Roswell, more than just once. And Roswell has a secret.

"I gave you a chance to run away, so why did you stay princess?" He asked her and she wondered the answer herself.

Why did she decide to stay by the side of a blood sucking beast? Especially the very beast who was the rebel leader, possibly planning the end of humanity.


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