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Book. "His love feels like shackle ." read online

His love feels like shackle .

Innayat Hussain

Story about:dark romance, forced marriage, a triangle love story..

Age restriction: 18+

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#141 in Erotic
#160 in Billionaires

Complete 203 pages

Publication: 10.01.2021 — 24.06.2021

Description of book "His love feels like shackle ."

She was sitting on the couch opposite to him.Her hands were on her lap trembling... Her face reflects her uneasy...
He was minutely observing her...
"I can't do this... I can't marry you... "She finally said and looked up at him. His eyes colour changed. His face shows no emotion. He asked "why? "
" I want to study further... I want to achieve my dreams " she said
" Is it your further study or your love for that boy?"he asked.
She looked at him . His eyes shows no remorse for his conduct. She joins her
hand pleading " please.. leave us. I love him ."
Now he couldn't control himself. He stood up for his seat and moved towards her.
She looked horrified at the sight of him coming near her
"I would have granted your wish if you would have begged for something else ".


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Arpita Ray
21.10.2022, 21:31:15

like it

18.09.2022, 15:35:30

Awwww such an awesome book author ❤️
Just loved ❤️
Tc author ❤️

19.12.2021, 08:44:34

I loved I can't express how much I loved it
amazing author.
liking and commenting is the least we can do for the book and your time and efforts.

Palos Verdes
03.06.2022, 20:51:36

kathyyyy, That's what we authors appreciate the most ;)

21.05.2022, 17:53:06

Thank you author for this book!
Surely it can't be in everyone desire but is a story that holds everything!
I enjoyed reading!

Innayat Hussain
21.05.2022, 18:02:28

Heartfixer, thanks for your kind me it means a lot.

Swarnali Bose
13.02.2022, 20:03:11

This book is trash.How can you make Sara so weak. Only physical need is enough for a successful marriage?. Self-respect is more important than love. You make her like a wanton.How can she forgive a rapist.At least she should give him a good fight. I'm very disappointed.

Shadan Arshi
25.04.2022, 00:55:59

Swarnali Bose, true

02.04.2022, 18:09:35

nice story ....

Neha Singh
24.02.2022, 09:28:28

Awesome story... loved it.

Ronda Workman Wellman
21.02.2022, 05:46:03

I want to know who the woman was that whispered in his ear, what she said, and what he said and was thinking at the time. Kinda disappointed that was never addressed.

Ronda Workman Wellman
21.02.2022, 09:28:44

Chapter 29 at the party. She put her nails on his chest and whispered in his ear and she whispered back something and he smiled. That was never addressed what was said and who she was.

Naznin Kazi
09.02.2022, 06:27:17

I like this story...

20.01.2022, 18:52:23

wow .. this story is very awesome

fallen angel chocoholic
23.12.2021, 16:54:48

Comment has been deleted

Cecilia Njuguna
21.12.2021, 01:46:48

Beautiful, simply amazing. Thankyou dear author for your dedication in writing this beautiful story. I enjoyed reading

19.12.2021, 08:46:07

I appreciate it a lot for keeping the book free
as many of us are students and and wouldn't have been able to afford paid books, u gave a amazing content for free and I am very grateful

Innayat Hussain
20.12.2021, 05:00:10

kathyyyy, thank you so much for your appreciated words. keep supporting.

19.12.2021, 08:52:42

only thing I was disappointed was that 4 years was too long, I felt really bad for Junaid and how dumb of Sara. That man suffered a lot and about the precious 3 years were what I felt really bad , like it was his rights.

I wished the years would have been 2 and 1
rather than 4 and 3.
they deserve the happiness faster
( tried my best to avoid a spoiler and convey my opinion, u can delete the comment after one day of replying aurthor)

Innayat Hussain
20.12.2021, 04:58:57

kathyyyy, no...dear it's fine for me.

19.12.2021, 08:47:38

guys if u are looking for a amazing alpha male character, dark romance, forced love this is the one.
best mafia book I have read

Maz Ahmed
16.12.2021, 21:21:00

Sweet story. Happy the author didn’t drag the story out. Perfect finish.

Rashi Sahlot
01.12.2021, 02:19:04

it was a sweet 18-)

Payal Pradhan
27.09.2021, 22:21:39

awesome work author
keep it up

07.09.2021, 16:43:13

and no one spoke about how he brutally raped her and tortured her without any fault

14.08.2021, 14:57:32

I loved this book

14.08.2021, 18:48:00

Innayat Hussain, Innayat Hussain, I read it before month I just want to thank u and I have been your silent reader not anymore purple u

Shikha A
03.05.2021, 19:03:11

dear author.. thank you for the lovely story but being a bookworm I read lot of books hence one small complain that you finish the book in haste.. I still wanted few more chapter.. however I enjoyed..
I am writting two books The Replacement and Lonely Bride, have a look sometime and would love to know your views it will improve my skills.. thanks :)

Shikha A
09.08.2021, 23:30:20

Hannah Heath, Thank you :)

Shailu Sarang
30.07.2021, 17:06:33

loved it very much ... thank you author for such a work and i literally cried for Sara sometimes...... and they both deserve that lovely ending

Messi Mac Haokip
28.07.2021, 20:23:11

Nothing is more painful then here”Dil”???

27.06.2021, 19:26:40


27.06.2021, 17:23:57

Hey. Are you adding pages to this book coz I'm not able to see the changes.

Innayat Hussain
27.06.2021, 17:50:30

Raco, Yeah... Till chapter 3 I made changes and will keep on editing and add few things more....

Ronda Workman Wellman
25.06.2021, 08:12:23

Absolutely loved this book. Bravo author!!! Thank you so much for sharing

Ronda Workman Wellman
25.06.2021, 04:20:38

Loving this book

24.06.2021, 14:51:21

It was an amazing story dear. Loved it. Sooo happy for Junaid and Sara . They deserve that happy ending.

24.06.2021, 14:18:35

author what did update

Innayat Hussain
24.06.2021, 14:21:32

Dipzz, I edited one chapter... so it showed update... gradually I will edit all the chapters and add few more into it.. thanks for the comment

24.06.2021, 10:25:26

Wow marvelous ending. Hope to read more stories from you.

Innayat Hussain
24.06.2021, 10:40:58

oldrose, thank you....

Vishalakshi Raju
24.05.2021, 18:04:12

Wow this book is awesome, I enjoyed very bit of it and yeah starting Sarah went through a lot and at end you know destiny changes everything. Junaid loves her a lot we can see that and I'm happy for them

Innayat Hussain
25.05.2021, 12:15:25

Vishalakshi Raju, happy that you liked it

Mary Ekere Akor
21.05.2021, 23:10:23

I enjoyed ur book to the end.

Nahid Sheikh
20.05.2021, 04:25:30

nd writer u might consider my comment negative but it's not coz what u hv written it is one of d last every girl accept her life whether they want to live that life or not nd satisfied themselves by saying it was their Fate....I know I hv written d entire comment together so it may look like a negative comment but I actually enjoyed this story but as I said I didn't find Junaid to become a good human bein, leave all d crimes nd ask for forgiveness from Sarah nd her family for tarnish her image nd even from Raj as Juanid's goons bit him to death...

Innayat Hussain
20.05.2021, 05:47:06

Nahid Sheikh, hey dear, I don't mind your comment... actually reading your comments brought smile that how keenly you have read my book. and thanks a lot for reading my story.

Nahid Sheikh
20.05.2021, 04:14:22

I couldn't digest seeing such negative person who didn't even change himself, showing as a hero...I wish Sarah could take stand for herself nd leave a person like Junaid or Junaid would change himself nd become a good human being nd accept his all bad deeds nd tell d truth to Sarah's parents nd ask for forgiveness from Sarah, Raj nd Sarah's parent..he didn't even ask for forgiveness from Sarah..well I hv one doubt was Ashish nd his wife Ruhi, were they non-Muslims or they muslim too...coz Ruhi too wear revealing dress nd in last chp according to Ashish nd Junaid conversation, it concluded that, Ruhi also drinks alcohol..that's y query raise in my head...

Nahid Sheikh
20.05.2021, 04:13:43

nd I didn't find any changes in his character till the end as in last chps too may be in chp 32 or 33 he drinks beers nd sarah wearing that dress in party, I mean she gave lecture about revealing clothes to junajd nd she herself wear revealing clothes without any hesitation nd Junaid, who is too possessive about her was okay with her dressing nd his stupid friend Ashish gave alcohol to her so that they cud hv sex uffff that was too much, I can't consider such person a good human being nd he tried to manipulate sarah by saying bad about Raj that if Raj truly loved her he would never marry another girl..his mother was trying to commit Suicide, so anybody would do d same what Raj did...

Nahid Sheikh
20.05.2021, 04:13:24

finally completed this story in 2 days...What I  like d most in dis story is how sarah strongly oppose Junaid nd told him on his face she doesn't love him but unfortunately gave up at the end..honestly speaking I would have been more happy if Sarah nd Junaid wouldn't ended up together, I mean which girl forgive nd fall in love with a guy who tarnish her image in front of her parents nd the whole society, how cud she forget, he showed her parents their photo of sleeping nd kissing together, no girl can love such man till he accepts his sins nd I didn't find a single quality in Junaid for which any girl can love him except his looks nd hotness nd how can I forget he has his own goons gang, he supplies drugs nd sometimes do murders too nd his drinking habit

Spark Hussain
13.05.2021, 12:11:48

lovely then storybook. it's interesting

12.05.2021, 18:49:25

Nice one

09.05.2021, 13:32:07

loved the book and I was so obsessed with this that I completed it in mere 9 hrs..

Dottie Rabino Andres
06.05.2021, 11:12:35

Love it...

04.05.2021, 14:10:56

nice one.i m ur new fan

Benard Oduor
03.05.2021, 16:42:00

So many errors in here my dear, I think you would have taken your time to do the editing, anyway am enjoying the story.

Benard Oduor
01.05.2021, 15:51:42

Not bad but let's see from the next page

29.04.2021, 23:01:50

Thank you for considering my suggestion. It was really a good journey :)

Innayat Hussain
01.05.2021, 06:38:53

Ratna Iyer, welcome and keep supporting

Romana Santarosa
30.04.2021, 00:14:05

awesome awesome awesome, it's sooo well written ! ! !

Innayat Hussain
01.05.2021, 06:38:36

Rameen, really..... thank you

Poonam Lunker
30.04.2021, 01:55:15

nice story..

Innayat Hussain
01.05.2021, 06:38:23

Poonam Lunker, thank you

Kiran Sahani
24.04.2021, 10:43:33

sorry to say but I don't like the ending.. it Would have been better if they ended up together

Ronda Workman Wellman
30.04.2021, 00:32:04

Glad I saw your post. Had this book in my library but i’m going to remove it since you said they don’t end up together.

Suman chaudhary
29.04.2021, 21:17:47

i like their interactions so much.. sara and junaid so cute.. but they are less.. anyway thnks for the epilogue.
good job.
thumps up

29.04.2021, 21:09:56

Thanks Author I love your story I enjoyed your book

Innayat Hussain
29.04.2021, 21:10:35

Alicemalice, wow, so fast.. thanks

komal bajaj
29.04.2021, 09:48:32

great story...i love it

Innayat Hussain
29.04.2021, 10:38:49

komal bajaj, thank you

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