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The dragon pressed his lips again to her's, letting her feel the urgency of his need as he lowered himself once again to her. ''You're mine forever but you must stay married to your husband''......

Mistera, the only home Tara has ever known is about to be destroyed by the creatures of the lore according to the ancient curse. It is not a time for love or tender feelings yet why has she fallen in love with the most dangerous of the creatures of the lore-Raig Swain, the dragon himself.

Follow the intrigue and politics that surrounds Tara as she is promised to one man, claimed by another and in love with another and don't forget to like the book and hit the follow button

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Victor Uc Onumonu 25.02.2021, 15:44:22

it seems you're a wonderful author. I've read your vampire princess and it was equally as interesting. Please update soon

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June Estee 28.02.2021, 03:17:04

Victor Uc Onumonu, Thank you Soo much. Will update soon

CHUKWUKA OBI 25.02.2021, 16:00:05

nice, please update. You have not updated in a while

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June Estee 28.02.2021, 03:16:26

CHUKWUKA OBI, I apologise. Update is on it's way

JOE OLA 25.02.2021, 16:15:19

please update

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June Estee 28.02.2021, 03:15:42

JOE OLA, Thank you for reading. Will update soon

Faith Oputa 26.02.2021, 22:06:00

Wow! I literally couldn't put it down till I finished. Very interesting, please update

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June Estee 28.02.2021, 03:15:12

Faith Oputa, Thanks for reading, will update soon

Istoria Xander 23.02.2021, 14:02:05

This is above average for Booknet, well done. I think the things you are best at are details and atmosphere. Your descriptions of both actions and imagery are very good and some of your worldbuilding is very interesting, too. In fact, some things in this are so well done that it makes me wish the weaker points could be elevated to the same level because it would be really worth it. With a bad book I wouldn't care. (And just to make it clear - just because I mention an issue does not mean I claim not to have some of the same issues.)
I'm not going to mention things like grammar and punctuation, you probably know that's not perfect but the website tends to be quite forgiving of that so I can't blame you for not being overly rigorous in your editing. Another thing that I feel could be improved, at least for me, is your main love interest. I find myself a lot more interested in Tara when she is NOT around him. So far he does nothing for me. In addition, some of the things in the universe you have created are quite complex but others come off as too simplistic and naive for something which is not a children's book. But the bottom line is, I think you have talent and I will keep reading.

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June Estee 23.02.2021, 22:25:21

Istoria Xander, I understand. I paused for a minute while replying your comment, looking for the right word... but I hope was able to pass my point across. Don't worry, the day I start worrying too much about what readers want to read would be the day I stop writing

Nyssa Quadros 22.02.2021, 05:28:55

Hi June,

Finally made it here..And incredibly glad I did! Let me start by saying I absolutely LOVED the imagery, detail, flow and intrigue that's packed into this book. This is definitely one of those books I am not planning on putting down ( so please update soon!!! pressure XD) . On a serious note though, I am thoroughly taken by the mystical elements you have managed to incorporate here ( a definite rarity ) but an aspect I believe is a must for fantasy books.

If there is one place I think you could improve (and there is literally only one I can point out at the moment) it would be the grammar and the sentences. I did miss most errors when going with the flow of the story but if one were going word by word, sentence by sentence it might just get caught. Apart from this, I think you have done an incredibly good job in all fronts including keeping the typos out so kudos to you on that!!

That being said, I would be honoured if you could read my book and let me know what you think (if that isn't too much trouble) . I really love your writing style so it would be awesome to hear what you think of mine...
Either way, all the very best !!

P.S: Update soon please..thanks :P

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Nyssa Quadros 22.02.2021, 17:06:39

June Estee, It's called One In A Billion. It's my only book on booknet so shouldn't be too hard to find

Thanks in advance !!

Esther Onumonu 12.02.2021, 14:27:50

Wow. You're a great author. Love all your books. Please update soon

Lildave E Onumonu 30.01.2021, 11:23:44

I already love this book, so awesome. Please update

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June Estee 03.02.2021, 11:41:34

Muskan prakash, Thanks for reading -- even though you commented on the wrong thread. Updats is on it's way

CHUKWUKA OBI 29.01.2021, 13:46:48


baby gurl 29.01.2021, 13:32:39

WOW what happens next

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