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His Million Dollar Wife

Rashiya Sheikh

Series: His million dollar wife

Story about:romance, billionare, contract marriage

Age restriction: 18+

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#986 in Romance
#458 in Billionaires

Complete 236 pages

Publication: 12.09.2020 — 28.04.2021

Description of book "His Million Dollar Wife "

Alexander Jordan Scott a 27 years old Multi-billionaire was enjoying his life with his secret girlfriend Hannah Swan.
But his one big lie to his parents changed everything for him.
He hired a girl named Jasmine to be his fake wife with a contract to divorce her after his work done,but living together under the same roof for months,he ended up giving her his heart along with a million$ check..

I can tell you gonna like this story for sure..




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Family Affairs
10.11.2021, 19:03:30

I love this book, so funny and sweet?

Khushboo Sav
22.10.2021, 18:08:28

one of my favorite most book. . jasmine is superb...

Donna Endaya
23.09.2021, 15:20:44

nice story...i loved it

Rashiya Sheikh
23.09.2021, 17:01:25

Donna Endaya, Thankyou so much

19.09.2021, 08:31:10

Finished reading just now..... It is a wonderful and cute love story...... I was smiling like an idiot while reading.... Really you are the best author on this booknet..... Thank you for your amazing and heartwarming stories

Rashiya Sheikh
19.09.2021, 08:52:44

Lucasken, oh God, Thankyou so so much dear for this beautiful comment,and I am really happy that you liked it.

Jyoti Sahani
26.07.2021, 21:46:00


Dream of books
05.07.2021, 21:49:05

this is the best book dear and eagerly waiting for promo codes

Khushpreet Kaur
09.06.2021, 17:47:01

author when you are going to give promo code for this book , I really really like it please inform me when you will.

Khushpreet Kaur
01.07.2021, 14:55:08

Comment has been deleted

20.06.2021, 16:55:09

Author can you please give me the promo code for this book.

Maria Ekanem
15.06.2021, 22:43:44

thank God I read it when it was free

tess arias
28.05.2021, 16:07:08

i just love the witty remarks of the characters. good plot!

Rashiya Sheikh
28.05.2021, 16:32:36

tess arias, Thanks alot for reading this book,I hope you did enjoy it.

06.05.2021, 00:19:46

This is nice story. I recommended for someone like me that read comments first before purchasing

Rashiya Sheikh
09.05.2021, 08:52:38

Crazyle Jean Dominguez, Thankyou so much for purchasing this book,it means alot to me.

Patsy Cloud
30.04.2021, 05:58:55

I loved this book! Looking forward to more.

Hannah Heath
29.04.2021, 15:39:43

This was definitely one of the best books I read on this app. I love the humor it made me laugh so hard!! You did a very good job writing this story! I will most definitely read more of your books!!

Hannah Heath
29.04.2021, 22:25:35

Daljeet Dharni, Thank you. I have Shattered in my library. I will read it. I went to check out the Author's other books...have you read any of her other books?

Daljeet Dharni
29.04.2021, 18:07:21

Great work.... Keep going.

Hasnat Jahan
29.04.2021, 11:30:29

why Don't you start writing new lovestory. I am really waiting for you new story. I read all of your story and i really love them most.

Maria Ekanem
28.04.2021, 08:37:01

I love it so much especially the last chapter. more wisdom to write more beautiful books. God bless you for sharing it free

Nenet Bantog
26.04.2021, 16:25:20

Amazing story. One of the best story I've ever read. The author did great. Pls.continue writing stories for free.

Ishika Mamurkar
23.04.2021, 06:16:19

Author did you change something in story.. it's giving an notification for new page?

Ishika Mamurkar
24.04.2021, 10:29:32

Rashiya Sheikh, Of course not only happy i would love it like I'm on cloud nine.. *grinning from ear to ear*

Priya Basak
23.04.2021, 21:51:28

After long time ami felt this happy after reading a book... I'm just constantly smiling just like an idiot showing my 32 teeth... I'm just in love with your book it's really amazing... It felt so good after reading those cute & lovely moments

Rashiya Sheikh
24.04.2021, 06:39:44

Priya Basak, I am so happy that it made you smile♥️

Priya Basak
23.04.2021, 14:06:00

Seems like Hannah only loves money

beautiful ending!!
love this story greatly
thump up
love Jasmine and Alex
love mumma too

Rashiya Sheikh
23.04.2021, 13:17:01

Adenike Adeniyi Mary Adebusoye, Thanks for reading.



at last confession

happy you know the truth now

too much

don't say no please

so why are you ignoring her Alex


game failed !!!!

Hannah you are ending your relationship without knowing

yeah, found her

Neha Bharti
10.04.2021, 13:44:16

Hey that was a really beautiful story with all emotions and loved the female lead for all those curses and sassiness??it was a truly a beautiful story not with any torture or drama

Josie joe
09.04.2021, 21:28:28

love, love the story... well written, mind blowing, funny, sad and romantic. Thank you for wonderful story.

Richa Goel
09.04.2021, 19:54:33

oh! fucking Janson ......what a wonderful love story......

Syeda Noorah
07.04.2021, 10:10:56

I loved the story very much......Amazing,superb,mindblowing etc etc...Can't describe in words how much I loved it...
Favourite character is Jasmine....the best scene is the jealousy part and their first meeting...Alex is a trillionare u only said..
The ending is superb..
Thank you so much author for this beautiful story of Alex and jasmine..

Sambodhi Deogade
06.04.2021, 19:39:26

An amazing story....Keep writing such stories dear

Babita Padaruth
20.03.2021, 20:04:50

nice story. thank you for writing such amazing story.

Adedayo Olubando
20.03.2021, 04:12:59

You most welcome

Cynthia Georginah
19.03.2021, 11:41:52

This story is mind blowing. I have read it twice and still cant get enough... you are really good writer

Rashiya Sheikh
18.03.2021, 13:29:12


Adedayo Olubando
18.03.2021, 11:06:47

Congratulations once again

Rashiya Sheikh
18.03.2021, 13:04:24

Adedayo Olubando, I am so happy to know you really liked this story♥️ Thanks alot

Adedayo Olubando
18.03.2021, 11:06:32

I hope more of your stories will be this interesting and addictive

Adedayo Olubando
18.03.2021, 11:06:07

Alex is a fucking trillioner, even more, you know when you lose count of the zeros, yes he's that rich

Adedayo Olubando
18.03.2021, 11:05:00

I love Jasmine alot. She's such a sassy character and fun to love.
I love when Alex first met her and they strike the deal, it was obvious she would be the end of him like he always say, can't complain at all.
I love their first love making scene you created.

Adedayo Olubando
18.03.2021, 11:02:38

This story is mind blowing. I couldn't stop, had to finish it. I give you kudos for each chapter. You really tried because I enjoyed every bit of it. Looking forward to read more of your stories. Keep up the good work

Jenny G
06.03.2021, 21:12:23

Beautiful story, loved it. ❤❤

Rebecca Torres
06.03.2021, 17:53:28

Love this story...the character I love most is alex and jasmine
Enjoyed this a lot...hoping for more stories written by you.More power.

delly flo raise
06.03.2021, 03:22:28

Written beautifully. Cant stop reading it. Thank you for writing a beautiful story ❤️

Saranya R
03.03.2021, 11:37:10

Nice story

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