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His Miracle

Marilyn Lucero

Story about:survival of a child

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Publication: 16.05.2019 — 05.04.2020

Description of book "His Miracle"

All the doctors said that the chance of the child's survival was very slim or close to impossible.

How would the mother hold on to her hope?


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Josie joe
29.03.2022, 09:00:38

nice short story to read.

Marilyn Lucero
29.03.2022, 09:03:11

Josie joe, many thanks for reading.:-)

Maureen Mutahi
19.02.2021, 12:05:01

Short and sweet story

Marilyn Lucero
20.02.2021, 09:39:16

Maureen Mutahi, So sweet of you.

LeiLa Leviste
24.12.2020, 14:44:31

good story...

Marilyn Lucero
24.12.2020, 17:59:56

LeiLa Leviste, This is a true story, ma'am, when my son underwent two surgeries.

Jessa Bensulan Meting
16.07.2020, 12:51:02

Please update

Emelia Doot
20.06.2020, 09:09:21

Yes... Always prayers can moved mountains. God allows for us to have trials for us to learn lessons of life to be good or best creation of Him, just as the fine gold been tested in the furnace. With an expectant faith in God , He would surely help us...for He loves us more than we love ourselves.

Marilyn Lucero
20.06.2020, 09:28:05

your words are so inspiring. I compress all of my short, inspirational stories into one book, "My Heart Speaks". Hoping that with my stories, I can inspire many.

Joel Lucero
12.04.2020, 09:29:00

Red Heart
08.04.2020, 17:07:02

There's always a miracle.

07.02.2020, 06:14:18

this is such a beautiful story

Marilyn Lucero
07.02.2020, 06:31:17

thank you so much for reading.

Goodness Shadrach
23.10.2019, 18:32:35

oh my God, I never thought this was a true life story until I saw your name "ms/ or Mr. Lucero" I'm so glad he survived and living healthy. God is really merciful and wonderful.

Marilyn Lucero
25.11.2019, 09:53:26

thank you so much for reading. I was not notified in this. Hope this story inspire those who are in the brink of despair.

Loata Wara Takala
10.10.2019, 15:25:16


Marilyn Lucero
10.10.2019, 21:38:59

thank you so much for reading:-)

Roza Csergo
05.09.2019, 20:34:45

Very touching story.
I'm so glad your baby survived.
Wish you all a happy life together and many more blessings.

Marilyn Lucero
05.09.2019, 21:01:47

thank you so much for reading. May this serve as an inspiration to many:-)

Kabugho Immaculate
21.05.2019, 23:41:42

Jesus is what happened after??

Marilyn Lucero
23.05.2019, 16:06:55

Kabugho Immaculate, He's already ten years old now, and has grown up into a healthy and a handsome boy.

Tawsheeka Ahmad
22.05.2019, 16:41:02

this is so true

Marilyn Lucero
23.05.2019, 16:03:26

Tawsheeka Ahmad, Thank you so much for reading

Lizzie Dunlap
18.05.2019, 12:28:38

I´m sorry, I´m getting bad while reading all that happened to a poor baby

Marilyn Lucero
20.05.2019, 10:04:02

Lizzie Dunlap, Thank you so much for reading

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