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Book. "His Moon Luna" read online

His Moon Luna


Story about:love, war, werewolf

122 5139

#104 in Supernaturals
#73 in Romantic mystery

On Hold: 25 Nov 67 pages

Publication: 06.09.2022 — ...

Description of book "His Moon Luna"

He’s the ice to her fire.

She’s the storm to his calm
He’s the light of her life.

She’s the moon to his earth.

Being born a half-werewolf was not what she wanted; she became an outcast, a punching bag for her pack. She didn’t even have a mate, that is until she left for college.
Now back four years later, with a kick-ass attitude and a huge secret, she must learn to adapt to the changes around her, especially when she finds him.

He was the king of all werewolves; filled with strength and authority, he must keep the calm to the terror that is about to be unleashed especially when he finally finds Her.

How can they both stop the past from repeating itself and still find the time to love themselves, especially when they find out her huge secret?


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Ogundiji Motunrayo
14.01.2023, 09:02:19

Uhmmm, can't wait.

Mechelle Gould
08.12.2022, 03:57:18

Please update

Mechelle Gould
06.12.2022, 05:09:48

Are you going to update?

Keitumetse Makhalemele
06.12.2022, 00:57:12

please update.

Mechelle Gould
28.11.2022, 22:56:42

Update please

Mechelle Gould
28.11.2022, 08:14:46

Please update

iam yourdad
30.09.2022, 19:52:27

Please author update it regularly..... It's my fav book and I have already read it few dozen times when I'm bored.... The fact that u r updating it again really sucks, I'm waiting but plzzzz update it soon❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

farha farook
10.09.2022, 13:42:59

isn't this book already completed author?

farha farook
19.09.2022, 06:32:00

Oluwatoyosi, ahhh.. I would love to read the story again :)

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