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Book. "His Only Obsession" read online

His Only Obsession

Love Egbejale

Story about:billionaire revenge friends to lovers

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#258 in Contemporary Romance
#509 in Billionaires

Complete 190 pages

Publication: 27.05.2021 — 18.08.2021

Description of book "His Only Obsession"

The saying that revenge is a dish best served cold had never been truer in Richard Gilbert's case.  Orphaned at the age of ten, he had to work very hard for everything to be able to get back what was stolen from his family and to do that- he got close to the daughter of his father's enemy; Meira Daniels.

Meira lost her family in a home invasion and she was alone until she met Richard whom she fell in love with at first sight and married him a few months after she met him not really knowing who he was.

She realized too late that her life wasn't so perfect when she and her kids were left homeless and penniless by her husband who also suddenly disappeared so she turned to her husband's former boss for help and got a proposal from him that she couldn't say no to for her children's sake.


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Risper W
29.05.2021, 17:41:50

interesting very interesting

Love Egbejale
30.05.2021, 00:20:17

Risper wanja, thanks

Dream of books
29.05.2021, 15:53:23

omg the one whom he loved he had married je walked down aisle and godfather to her children's still he love his love is really pure and meira should be strong please that idiot should be in jail

Dream of books
29.05.2021, 17:16:40

Love Egbejale, kk dear

Dream of books
28.05.2021, 15:42:49

I really love your books billionaire personal assistant I have read that book many times before subscription and must date the play boy too I am happy I am reading your other book too best of luck

Love Egbejale
28.05.2021, 23:25:17

Dream of books, thanks.

Dream of books
28.05.2021, 15:41:22

dear I think her best friend kids are his husband kids I'm thinking omg I don't Is it really the world becoming like this most of the stories not only in books or apps real life stories are running I don't know why had world become like this I just want to say by your book so many readers should understand the pain feelings and the real world true feelings I hope you won't disappoint us by making female lead weak and I hope you make people realize and understand the pain of single parents and betrayers tq so much for such a wonderful story

Dream of books
27.05.2021, 20:28:36

I think her husband and her best friend are cheating behind her back stole money from office and I think they gone ^ .^

Dream of books
28.05.2021, 07:49:20

Love Egbejale, I feel really bad for her

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