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Book. "His Only Obsession " read online

His Only Obsession

Naina N

Story about:mafiaromance, secondchance, his obsession

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On Hold: 05 Nov 26 pages

Publication: 30.06.2022 — ...

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Description of book "His Only Obsession "

I hate him and I'm his lawyer. I can't stand him, despise everything about him and yet I can't stop wanting him. And I hate that I want him, knowing who he is, knowing what he does. He's danger, he's Mafia and still I'm addicted to him more than before. And that's a big fucking problem. After all he was and always will be my ruin.
She's my lawyer. And she's the best in the city maybe even country. She's fiesty and smart mouthed, has a attitude on her, takes no shit from me, doesn't respect me one fucking bit. All of the things I hate in a woman but with her I love them. And I want her, I want her so fucking badly that I might get addicted to her. AGAIN. And I don't want that, because this time I might not survive from this. After all she was and will be my only Obsession.


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09.09.2022, 19:03:42

Are u not writing anymore?

Loveth Agbake
28.07.2022, 13:43:14

nice story author more update pls

Naina N
28.07.2022, 15:59:11

Loveth Agbake, Thank you so much! Yes I will update as soon as possible

Amisha Kapoor
28.07.2022, 12:55:54

Hey, hope whatever problems you faced dear, you must have come out of it totally. The story is amazing, it keeps a hold on you.

Naina N
28.07.2022, 13:07:51

Amisha Kapoor, Thank you and yes I'm kinda fine now. And I'm glad that you enjoyed the story!

25.07.2022, 18:10:16

Pls update author pls

18.07.2022, 19:44:46

Why aren't u updating....

Naina N
19.07.2022, 16:05:10

ppss, I was caught up with work love next update will be today

07.07.2022, 13:43:04

such a incredible story. amazing work dear Author

Naina N
07.07.2022, 15:16:21

Soumita Paul, Thank you very much. It means so much that you liked the story.

Dream Soul
04.07.2022, 09:59:06

Intreasting looking for more

Naina N
04.07.2022, 10:27:17

Dream Soul, Thanks love, the next update will be soon.

Loveth Agbake
02.07.2022, 00:22:14

nice one author more update pls thanks

Naina N
02.07.2022, 00:33:23

Loveth Agbake, Thank you and of course next update will be coming soon

Eyaba Charo
01.07.2022, 22:48:50

Nice one

Naina N
01.07.2022, 23:05:05

Eyaba Charo, Thanks love

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