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His Personal Maid


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Description of book "His Personal Maid "

This historical romance describe and illustrate the method of slavery, the relevance of women and how royalty is considered next to God. This details the story of how a young girl changed everything because she needed freedom.

After years of slavery as Mr Ho’s servant, Desire decides to live her own life in her own way.
But what happens when Mr Ho refused to let her go. Will she stay or will she go against all odds and play a game of destiny with her as queen and Mr Ho as the black knight.

A story of freedom and love born out of deceit and hatred.
(Straddle your horses people, it’ll be a long ride).

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Black Daisy 27.06.2020, 13:42:18

enjoying the story!!... update more!!

Grace Esema 25.06.2020, 08:59:31

very interesting thanks pls more update

Elly Higgins 24.06.2020, 19:23:13

Enjoying the read! I noticed a couple of issues you may consider addressing. There are large gaps between text and requires a lot of scrolling to read and the information about the ranking system reads like info-dumping in the beginning.

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