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Book. "His Petal" read online
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On Hold: 01 Jan 35 pages

Publication: 21.10.2022 — ...

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Description of book "His Petal"

Muhammed Tariq Al- Habsy fell in love for the first time in his life with Hannan Hameed Al-Harthi from the very first moment his eyes met her dark colored ones, that were full of fear and nervousness....

He fought and made sure nothing could ever stand on her path to success ...

Despite of their forced marriage being called off by Hannan.... He still waited for her throughout the years .. ..with a promise that he'll make her his at the right time.....

Will destiny finally bring them together and will Muhammed be able to keep his little petal or will he lose her after commiting an unforgivable deed?.....


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Meenu Kuthar
25.12.2022, 14:11:35

Comment has been deleted

04.12.2022, 20:20:52

Please update author-nim ╯﹏╰

14.11.2022, 15:13:41

Update please

Sanashehzad Shehzadgull
30.10.2022, 13:57:35

after such a long time I am reading such a good novel and after shuaa because I used to read in my youth it was such a great novel book I used to read but this is a good one and I look forward to read it more and lots of good things specially Hannan and lots of things I don't know what to say but keep up the good work I look forward to read it more thank you

Akshitha Boggari
27.10.2022, 17:09:35

heyy update??

sumathi Mohan
25.10.2022, 19:18:03

Comment has been deleted

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