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His Ruthless Desire 2

Aliza Jabri

Series: Al Jahaan Series

Story about:possesive billionaire, hidden pregnancy, romantic thriller

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Ongoing: 30 Sep 168 pages

Publication: 22.08.2020 — ...

Description of book "His Ruthless Desire 2"

The story of Taimur and Eva continues as a threat from the past lingers.

Read to find out what happens when Taimur finds out about his daughter.

Will the old flame rekindle? Or one of them will have to give their life.

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Akira Rai 30.09.2020, 19:04:32

great chapter. update soon love!

Romelia Romell 30.09.2020, 18:30:53

Pls how can I get coins to continue reading

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Aliza Jabri 30.09.2020, 18:48:11

Romelia Romell, Please check in the Reload my Wallet tab of your app if there are any task going on. You can complete those tasks to earn free coins and can exchange them to reload your wallet with a balance.

japnamika Singh 30.09.2020, 16:57:22

just kill taimur god I have so much pity for the rest 3

SJoy Oebut 30.09.2020, 15:26:09

i love this story..pls
update soon

Moanaro 30.09.2020, 08:20:51

Aliza when are you gonna update the chapter????? Waiting for it................

Joey Cartagena 30.09.2020, 08:03:34

how can I purchase the chapter?

Ruth Schoger 30.09.2020, 07:12:13

omg what is going on with him?

Tinde Kemi 29.09.2020, 23:27:24


Tinde Kemi 29.09.2020, 18:24:09

you are good, love your write up

The last comment in the thread:

Aliza Jabri 29.09.2020, 18:28:19

Tinde Kemi, Thank you so much.

Tinde Kemi 29.09.2020, 17:13:49

Comment has been deleted

Tinde Kemi 29.09.2020, 16:43:10

i feel for her

Tinde Kemi 29.09.2020, 16:43:09

i feel for her

japnamika Singh 29.09.2020, 10:24:44

when will you update?

Sade Davids 28.09.2020, 21:31:49

I absolutely love this book,
I'm now waiting on an update please....

The last comment in the thread:

Aliza Jabri 28.09.2020, 21:57:57

Sade Davids, Thank you

japnamika Singh 28.09.2020, 07:36:43

I wish alia tells him that this ruthless side of taimur is a reason why Eva is scared of he tries to change it
btw amazing chapter

Anjaani 27.09.2020, 20:12:19

now Alia will understand why Eva was always scared.of Tiamur

Resmi Mukherjee 27.09.2020, 17:57:33

But too small chapter after two days waiting.

Jacqualine Boullineau 27.09.2020, 15:19:14

the suspense is killing me, I just can't figure out how this story will end. how many more chapters for this book?

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The last comment in the thread:

Jacqualine Boullineau 27.09.2020, 15:39:26

Jacqualine Boullineau, Kudos to you on such a brilliant story

Arundhati Sengupta 27.09.2020, 14:39:19

Pls don't say that. Without Eva and Tim, the story loses all it's charm, and I think e is man enough to respect his wife and not rape her.

japnamika Singh 27.09.2020, 13:09:16

is he going to rape her
he needs some lessons
damn he is mentally retarded
I wish eva never comes back to him and alia also leaves him this is what he deserves

japnamika Singh 27.09.2020, 10:24:41

update please

japnamika Singh 26.09.2020, 13:10:35

no updates?

Ejiaga Ngozi 26.09.2020, 09:11:16

Sweetheart WATS up with the updates. Didn't get any yesterday.pls update soonest. Daily updates remember and u don't fail. Can't die of suspense

Jacqualine Boullineau 26.09.2020, 08:38:46

Love this book, please update

japnamika Singh 26.09.2020, 06:36:56

pls update

naveednadine twins 25.09.2020, 18:09:46

father and daughter first meeting lovely

naveednadine twins 25.09.2020, 17:41:58

hahaha Alia here comes hurrican Eva kkkkkk enjoy ur man for now

japnamika Singh 25.09.2020, 15:41:06

pls update

Marian Ejim 25.09.2020, 15:17:00

wow! i am officially in love with this chapter

Jolht Letchmy R Anthony 24.09.2020, 16:36:17

I not supporting adultery, but to stay in a loveless marriage is terrible then committing adultery. Just my point of view. Those in love should be togather.

Jolht Letchmy R Anthony 24.09.2020, 16:34:59

Now Eva must admit her unconditional love for Taimur, I really hope she opens her damn mouth this time. At least to Alia.

japnamika Singh 24.09.2020, 09:58:04

it's not unfair for Tim rather it's unfair for alia
first he lets eva go then because of his selfish side he is making by th eva and Al a suffer

Arundhati Sengupta 24.09.2020, 09:33:28

God, Alia is now showing her selfish and bitchy side by asking him to choose between the two of them. Too unfair for Tim dear. Wishful thinking is that he chooses Eva. Let's c.

Resmi Mukherjee 24.09.2020, 09:27:40

Taimur made a mistake by letting Eva go .But is it pot to live with both of them happily? One has to go.

japnamika Singh 24.09.2020, 09:25:59

how can someone be so selfish he is such an arse bro you can't halve everything he is such a moron

Barkeh Abdul Aziz 24.09.2020, 09:22:17

Poor Alia sometimes Taimur is really very selfish but i believe in love you have to let go if you really love that person. Well i have to wait and see whats gonna happen next. Hope a very fulfilling ending to a good book.

Sambodhi Deogade 23.09.2020, 17:24:50

Aliza Jabri your work id just amazing. I have read your other novels also. But I wish if I ever get to finish the book since I don't have MasterCard. M really very eager to know what happened in their lives.

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The last comment in the thread:

Sambodhi Deogade 24.09.2020, 06:34:44

Aliza Jabri, Thank you Aliza

Jolht Letchmy R Anthony 23.09.2020, 21:33:43

Such a stupid women, my heart bust hearing him confess and this stupid dumb keeping silent not even saying she loved him.

Jolht Letchmy R Anthony 23.09.2020, 20:34:39

Is there any change for Eva and Taimur to be togather again. Oh my they still love each other.

Anjaani 23.09.2020, 11:27:40

selfish jerk. Want evrything in life. Typical men I say. No offense to your male readers

The last comment in the thread:

Aliza Jabri 23.09.2020, 16:39:07

Anjaani, Yes, typical male.

Barkeh Abdul Aziz 23.09.2020, 15:51:35

if she really follow tim then poor mateo. how can all live happy family on someone else misery.

The last comment in the thread:

Aliza Jabri 23.09.2020, 16:38:36

Barkeh Abdul Aziz, Total asshole agreed.

Lucy Lu Nina 23.09.2020, 16:21:19

Thank you for the awesome work u do!!!

The last comment in the thread:

Aliza Jabri 23.09.2020, 16:38:10

Lucy Lu Nina, You are welcome.

Lucy Lu Nina 23.09.2020, 16:20:21

Omg sooo sweet!!

Moyinoluwa Bademosi 23.09.2020, 15:39:48

I still can't believe taimur will still try to get her after all this while and with the situation on ground

Moyinoluwa Bademosi 23.09.2020, 15:38:18

the novel is just getter hotter

selina ndjamba 23.09.2020, 15:27:38

it wont be easy to live as a happy family when there are other ppl involved. I'm just curious as to how its gonna end for alia and her kids and also for Mateo. can't wait for the next updat

Resmi Mukherjee 23.09.2020, 13:13:08

Of course they will..they r so much in love with each other.

japnamika Singh 23.09.2020, 12:37:25

the interaction was amazing
taimur can be very selfish sometimes

Yet Lerida 20.09.2020, 14:51:54

how many chapters is Ruthless Desire 2?
isnt it already completed? i purchased it for 1.49USD but why can't i not read the whole story?

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The last comment in the thread:

Yet Lerida 23.09.2020, 08:22:20

Aliza Jabri, i see...thank for the info

Resmi Mukherjee 23.09.2020, 04:50:05

I m very happy to read the update. That arrogant Prince Taimur. I really want to see him with Eva and reborn the fire...

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