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His Ruthless Desire 2

Aliza Jabri

Series: Al Jahaan Series

Story about:possesive billionaire, hidden pregnancy, romantic thriller

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#17 in Billionaires
#22 in Romance

Complete 234 pages

Publication: 22.08.2020 — 25.10.2020

Description of book "His Ruthless Desire 2"

The story of Taimur and Eva continues as a threat from the past lingers.

Read to find out what happens when Taimur finds out about his daughter.

Will the old flame rekindle? Or one of them will have to give their life.

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japnamika Singh 17.09.2020, 12:41:00

rest. let's see what the future holds I may be wrong but my POV is based on the previous 2 chapters

japnamika Singh 17.09.2020, 12:39:36

alia is of no good to be truthful
Eva is thinking about everyone if she wants she'll tell taimur how much she loves him
but she won't because she considers everyone's feelings whereas alia she is being selfish
Eva is probably giving up her life i.e her daughter emma for their happiness and alia is being selfish
there is no comparison about alia and Eva
alia is something else

Resmi Mukherjee 12.09.2020, 12:44:39

Thanks once again for providing me the opportunity . As the story progresses, I m having dark sides of Taimur character. He is so full of himself. His love, his sorrow..what about Eva? Why should Eva have to beg everything from him? How easily Taimur declared Emma being their daughter..he and Alia. Then who is Eva?? She has no claim because she doesn't have such money and power??

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japnamika Singh 17.09.2020, 12:37:00

Resmi Mukherjee, yup you are right

japnamika Singh 17.09.2020, 12:11:27

I also think the same how can someone be so good

japnamika Singh 17.09.2020, 12:11:03

what if his son came out be mateo

Lucy Lu Nina 17.09.2020, 06:46:02

Omg I’m speechless so sad, but at the same time I don’t like Tim’s wife I feel like she’s hiding something I don’t know what y’all think???? Awesome work hon

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Trulybless K Martin Ward 17.09.2020, 12:02:46

Lucy Lu Nina, I agree, she’s too perfect. And I don’t like the fact she’s willing to take Emma away from Eva. I mean as a mother you would expect her to feel some compassion for another mother

Trulybless K Martin Ward 17.09.2020, 11:58:58

This is getting interesting. I have a feeling who the son is and he’s closer than Taimur think. Eva is in for the shock of her life.

Resmi Mukherjee 17.09.2020, 08:09:39

Great work. The suspense is too much to digest. I just hope my prince charming will get his daughter without harming himself. Why does Eva not accompany him? After all she is a successful interpolate agent for years. Must be able to desl with this kind of situation.

japnamika Singh 17.09.2020, 07:08:25

amazing work

Arundhati Sengupta 17.09.2020, 06:55:17

Dear author, that was an excellent turn of events. Keeping all in tenterhooks. Lots of live and best wishes for Taiva. Hope they become one.

Katerina Velanis 17.09.2020, 01:30:05

I cried and cried. My heart goes out to Tim. She was so brave to open up to Eva, putting how he feels out there. Eva is right about not breaking up a family but I I wished she could tell him how she loved and still loves him! I feel so much more opening up here, tragedies, more heartache, maybe even a death or two. Great writing and thank you!

mashirleysallave 16.09.2020, 18:39:42

looking forward for more updates. really love this story❤

mashirleysallave 16.09.2020, 18:37:54

She should tell him what she really feel, that she love him more...

Norita Perez Cruz 16.09.2020, 16:40:24

luv this chapter finally i can feel the love of Taimur to Eva and waiting for their happy life together

Norita Perez Cruz 15.09.2020, 17:56:49

i want a happy ending for Eva and the prince i want to see them getting married and happy forever

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Norita Perez Cruz 16.09.2020, 16:35:07

Aliza Jabri, thank you

Sukhpreet Alagh 16.09.2020, 15:46:48

Mind blowing

Gladise Rao 16.09.2020, 06:24:32

love the way you portray the emotional strength emerging from struggle happening to the ladies..from Alia and now Eva

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Gladise Rao 16.09.2020, 09:19:54

Gladise Rao, and i think Eva gives me a feeling she is willing to let both Tim (who has Alia) and Emma (who will be safer with tim) go... ...

Lucy Lu Nina 16.09.2020, 05:54:37

Ooohhh hon ‘this was so good don’t pay attention to us sensible people being a writer is not an easy job!!!

Barkeh Abdul Aziz 16.09.2020, 05:50:44

Eva is just being herself. she loves him too much and knows its not going to be easy being with him and also being fair to his wife. she do not want to hurt another women. she rather be hurt herself. but i do wish she have a happy ending.

japnamika Singh 16.09.2020, 05:38:47

this scene made me cry especially when she said if you got a chance to choose btw alia and me
damn I think I know what's gonna happen
amazing chapter

Resmi Mukherjee 16.09.2020, 05:28:51

Wow! Thanks Alia for this chapter. Finally I m once again in team Taimur..he is alwsys my prince charming. Situation is too complicated..i m waiting to see how u handle it.

Manasi Khamkar 15.09.2020, 13:28:16

bring them together Eva and Timur

Maril 09.09.2020, 21:53:32

I wanna to read your book after chapter 7 also but I don't know how pay for this...

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Aliza Jabri 15.09.2020, 10:21:45

Maam Yet Lerida, Through Paypal or by debit or credit card

Lucy Lu Nina 15.09.2020, 07:31:02

Oooohhh my I can’t take this anymore the suspense is killing me lol a bit dramatic lol

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Aliza Jabri 15.09.2020, 09:51:36

Lucy Lu Nina, lol

Resmi Mukherjee 15.09.2020, 09:23:38

Well, I hope that u r going to send Eva there from where on one return. Pls don't do that .

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Aliza Jabri 15.09.2020, 09:51:10

Resmi Mukherjee, Keep ur fingers crossed.

japnamika Singh 15.09.2020, 07:32:47

pls make Eva play a role in this investigation
we want to see some heroic moves from eva

Arundhati Sengupta 15.09.2020, 07:14:13

Eva has become a very timid character, not the super spy she used to be. Why can't she use her past contacts in finding Emma instead if depending full on Taimur. Some Sparks from her side surely could have added a flavor.

Arundhati Sengupta 15.09.2020, 07:10:10

Wow! Taimur is truly a selfish bastard. Hurting Eva is his life's goal it seems.

Lucy Lu Nina 14.09.2020, 15:43:15

Oooohhh boy can’t take this anymore, so heartbreaking poor Eva

Arundhati Sengupta 14.09.2020, 15:11:18

Oh poor Ev!! such an awkward situation for her and she has to handle this alone. Feeling too bad for Eva. Hoping something good happens for her.

japnamika Singh 14.09.2020, 15:02:09

feeling bad for eva poor girl

japnamika Singh 14.09.2020, 14:47:10

nice chapter

japnamika Singh 14.09.2020, 14:46:55

what a cliffhanger yaar

Resmi Mukherjee 14.09.2020, 14:46:45

I m also pulsating with Eva . what's next??? Poor embarrassing for her to find Taimur with another woman ..just in front of her.

Resmi Mukherjee 13.09.2020, 18:17:09

So amazing .. I m also swinging between two of them...???

japnamika Singh 13.09.2020, 16:40:23

can't wait for the next chapter

japnamika Singh 13.09.2020, 16:39:26

I also think something bad is gonna happen
amazing chapter author

Yvonne Wanjiru 13.09.2020, 16:05:25

Hi author I'm a Kenyan in Saudia Arabia how can i pay...i don't have PayPal or Visa there any other payment method

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Aliza Jabri 13.09.2020, 16:33:19

Yvonne Wanjiru, Or you can try reloading the your wallet b completing the tasks mentioned in it. Go to My Wallet then to Reload my wallet, then complete the given tasl to earn coins and exchange it for balance.

japnamika Singh 13.09.2020, 16:00:10

pls update

Resmi Mukherjee 13.09.2020, 06:41:06

Really being practical , we should accept that Eva has no chance with Taimur, he is happily paired with Alia. We all have faith on sacred institution of marriage. But just don't make Eva suffer by parting with her daughter. Taimur must be practical enough not to separate a mere 5 years child from her mother sake of own satisfaction.

Arundhati Sengupta 12.09.2020, 18:33:15

At least Taimur acceppts Eva has a spcl place in his heart. Hope this speciality engulfs both, and he she not be able to take Emma from her mother just becoz he is powerful.

japnamika Singh 12.09.2020, 15:43:13

I also wish that taiva happens but guys she the positive part taimur himself knows he has a special part for eva

japnamika Singh 12.09.2020, 15:42:25

Aliza, pls make Mateo and Eva have the same moment tic for tak
while I'm having amazing moment

Ntandoyenkosi Mkhonta 11.09.2020, 07:06:40

by all means i still cannot bring my head around to accept their spouses no matter how sweet and daring they can be

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Ntandoyenkosi Mkhonta 12.09.2020, 15:35:33

Ntandoyenkosi Mkhonta, i get it hey it was just wishful's so painful to even read about it hut am still going to continue reading ..i must say you know your way around words awesome book

japnamika Singh 12.09.2020, 13:30:53

alia must be angry on him

japnamika Singh 12.09.2020, 13:28:57

atleast he is realising a bit that Eva has a special place in his heart

japnamika Singh 12.09.2020, 11:46:04

pls update please

japnamika Singh 12.09.2020, 10:01:36

pls update

Arundhati Sengupta 11.09.2020, 07:31:50

Wanted this to be a love story between Eva and Taimur, but it seems Alia is getting all the limelight and Taimur's attention. Enjoyed the first book much more with Eva and Taimur, expectations were it would go in that line. Now feeling low with so much of Alia's presence.

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Aliza Jabri 12.09.2020, 08:03:57

Arundhati Sengupta, As a writer I am not suppose to favour any particular character, they all are equal to me.

Pallavika Makwana 11.09.2020, 21:35:02

Make Eva character stronger then alia and taimur. waiting for the coming chapters.

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