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Book. "His Veganza 1 (royal Mafia)||jjk||" read online

His Veganza 1 (royal Mafia)||jjk||

Sofy Hian

Story about:revenge mafia forced marriage, revenge to love, regret story

Age restriction: 18+

150 7272

#4 in Fanfiction
#479 in Romance

Complete 75 pages

Publication: 19.07.2022 — 19.07.2022

Description of book "His Veganza 1 (royal Mafia)||jjk||"

Its a story of a girl named Kang Sian who is caged by a Powerful Businessman Jeon Jungkook . Jungkook forcefully marry her & tied her with him bcz he want to take revenge on Sian .He thought Sian is the girl who cheated on his little brother & kill his brother .
1. what will happen when he get to know the truth ?
2. What will happen when he realise his love for her but its too late ..........

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03.11.2022, 16:58:32


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