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His Wicked Way


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Description of book "His Wicked Way"

"Nobody can have you but me."

Luisa, after deciding to fight for law school, her mother already told her about the work she is about to retire, and her being the substitute. She was all heads up since she was saving a lot. Not ever thinking about her boyfriend's thoughts about it.

But before Luisa could ever imagine her future with her boyfriend, Gregory, Triton, a billionaire, whose going to be his boss, is already there blocking her plan to go through.

And he'll do anything, even wicked things just to have her. By hook or by crook, he will have her.

*Updates are slow. My offline class is messing me up.


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Ayushi Gupta
14.11.2020, 04:15:00

hey when will u update next ?

Ayushi Gupta
06.11.2020, 07:31:46

will u be continuing this book ?

Ayushi Gupta
07.11.2020, 09:16:38

iamlezyjeam, ohk❤️

Ayushi Gupta
27.09.2020, 11:27:22

like the intro ❤️

27.09.2020, 16:18:15

Ayushi Gupta, oh my gosh, thank you so much

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