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Hold Onto Me (i'm Here to Fix You Book 2)

Artemis Wolf

Series: Broken Soul Series

Story about:love, romance drama erotic, romance fiction with lots of humour

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#58 in Contemporary Romance
#43 in Romantic suspense

Complete 220 pages

Publication: 14.10.2020 — 07.11.2020

Description of book "Hold Onto Me (i'm Here to Fix You Book 2)"

I'm Here to Fix You (Book 2)

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Saanvi Gattu 30.11.2020, 04:36:09

Comment has been deleted

Katerina Velanis 08.11.2020, 07:21:29

Oh my god! My heart is breaking for these two. Please, when will you publish book 3? I'm dying to find out what happens!! Your writing is truly amazing, Artemis!

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Katerina Velanis 13.11.2020, 06:10:24

Artemis Wolf, Thank you fir replying. No worries dearest! I’ll be waiting :)

Shellie Hurt 11.11.2020, 03:55:16

I am not seeing Book 3 or did u misunderstand your response to Katerina

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Shellie Hurt 13.11.2020, 00:48:38

Artemis Wolf, ok just making sure I wasn't overlooking it

Shellie Hurt 08.11.2020, 00:47:40

this cannot be happening

Shinybella 03.11.2020, 08:19:22

he deserves it and much more
she should punish the olivia also
She should really do it and make him throw Olivia on the streets instead of letting her live with him and tell him the idea of Olivia to seduce him and the talk she had with Olivia to Jake

Ginny Pestano 31.10.2020, 07:45:10

Just finished book #1 and i loved it...very insightful about depression and unrequited love...made me shed some tears but l also loved the humor. Very well written indeed. Congratulaions.

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Artemis Wolf 31.10.2020, 16:03:56

Ginny Pestano, Thank you :)

Marica Elias 30.10.2020, 09:22:05

Oh no?, you just didn't the suspense is killing me here. Either way love reading your books. Can't hardly wait for a update. ☺️

Shinybella 26.10.2020, 15:35:06

pls take Olivia away from Jake because I feel like killing her..........

Katerina Velanis 26.10.2020, 06:06:28

Thank you so much for this update! I am loving how the story is progressing and the twist of Olivia. Looking forward to the next update.

Shinybella 22.10.2020, 09:35:30

luv this book ...
pls update it soon pls

Jacqualine Boullineau 21.10.2020, 22:36:37

I knew this Olivia was going to be a problem, and just when they where getting close.

bs shruthi 21.10.2020, 05:35:09

no update?

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Artemis Wolf 21.10.2020, 12:52:09

bs shruthi, yes, soon, sorry I was working on the new covers

bs shruthi 15.10.2020, 19:18:39

Finally Silvia realized she loves Jake

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