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Book. "Hollywood Crush." read online

Hollywood Crush.

Marjory Bloom

Story about:age gab, young woman, famous irish actor

Age restriction: 18+

75 1729

#3 in Movies Fanfiction
#862 in Romance

Complete 122 pages

Publication: 03.07.2022 — 22.09.2022

Description of book "Hollywood Crush."

A Fanfiction romance story!!

Marjory a young adult from Amsterdam, has a job as a security officer and enjoys life with her best friend Phoebe but dreams of finding true love in the form of her big Hollywood crush Jason...
Will she have a chance of meething him?, and what will happen if they do? And also will a stalker of Marjory destroy their feelings?

Note of author: front pickture is from the internet, not from myself!
This is a fictional story!


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Ishika ghochait
08.03.2023, 06:30:06

Nice twist

Marjory Bloom
08.03.2023, 07:42:25

Ishika ghochait, hey, glad you like this story! ite my first ever written one here!

Vera H Mist
02.08.2022, 20:51:23

loving it so far!!

Syanja J
01.08.2022, 22:37:04

I really like the plot, I am gonna read the story as well.:)

Marjory Bloom
01.08.2022, 22:56:41

Syanja J, Enjoy

Godiva Gilbert
04.07.2022, 17:43:20

Nice story

Marjory Bloom
04.07.2022, 17:48:12

Godiva Gilbert, thank you! happy you like it!, it is my first one of 11 stories I'm working on;)

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