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Home For The Holidays

PJ Lowry

Story about:
christmas, family drama, trickery


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Publication: 14.11.2019 — 22.12.2019

Description of book "Home For The Holidays "

All Artie Jackson wanted was the whole family to be home for Christmas. He was about to learn the hard way that one must be careful of what they wish for...

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Cary James 24.11.2019, 01:03:07

it is so nice to have everyone gathered

Dora Kellner 15.11.2019, 19:41:19

a story with a deep sense

Kat Moon 14.11.2019, 14:04:10

fell sorry for not being there with my parents on Christmas

Laisa Tikomaimaleya 14.11.2019, 13:12:05

Like the nee story. Please continue to write. And update.

Seshna Sookrajowa 14.11.2019, 12:22:18

This Book is about the hard reality of life,how parents yearn for their kid's love and presence.They were always there for their children and now in turn when they needed the support of their children... they are nowhere to be seen.... :(

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