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Book. "Hotel Service" read online

Hotel Service

GC Leon

Story about:mafia, boss and employee, billionaire ceo

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#486 in Romance
#240 in Billionaires

Ongoing: 25 Jan 38 pages

Publication: 17.01.2023 — ...

Description of book "Hotel Service"

Samanta emigrates from Latin America to the United States with her mother. Visas about to expire, false documents to work, a basement in terrible conditions and in which 3 other people live, will give her a warm welcome to hell. And, to top it all off, the kind of man he knows better than to get involved with shows up.

Alastor has everything in his life under control and heads the business sector from his luxurious suite. While he is a ruthless man and doesn't allow anyone to get involved in his life any more than necessary, it all goes to hell with the arrival of the shameless new employee.


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27.01.2023, 14:23:39

The book cover is awesome but I get the part 1 to be so long that I have spent 30 min!

Patience Boniface
25.01.2023, 22:05:45

nice update more chapters

Patience Boniface
22.01.2023, 16:25:30

nice update more chapters

Magdalena Mendoza
20.01.2023, 03:20:06

I just love her audacious attitude, her tenacity and her hilarious remark about the towels. Keep ticking him off Sam, go girl!!

18.01.2023, 20:22:10

the most realistic book I've ever read.. nobody ever mentions about visas

GC Leon
18.01.2023, 18:26:32

Jalapenos, Glad to read this! :)

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