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On Hold: 19 Sep 4 pages

Publication: 12.09.2020 — ...

Description of book "Hotline"

Arizona has run out of money to pay her rent, can't find a job, just turned thirty, and is closer to living with her mother again than achieving her goals. An opportunity arises before her: to be an operator of an erotic line that would pay her enough to get out of her debts.

Sneaking up on her boyfriend, Arizona accepts the job and one of her first clients is the mysterious and sweet Jesse, who will call her several times a week for exciting phone conversations. Unable to give any personal information, Jesse manages to try to meet her in person, leaving her clues on every call.

Will Arizona be able to be faithful to her boyfriend and resist the temptation to meet the young man who, more than a client, little by little becomes the protagonist of her fantasies?

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Abriana Lastra
11.11.2020, 15:34:42

okay I actually LOVE this. I love how Adam isnt some crazy handsome model. men deserve realistic representation too!! I love how comfortable they are around each other. I am still getting the vibe something bad is about to happen to them, but whatever it is, I am sure I am in for the ride. Keep writing!