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How Not to Be a Billionaire's Boyfriend

Istoria Xander

Story about:parenthood, lgbt love, billionaires

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Ongoing: 26 Jan 111 pages

Publication: 25.11.2020 — ...
Contests: My love, my billionaire

Description of book "How Not to Be a Billionaire's Boyfriend"

Wildly successful children's author Alan Weather has just made his first billion. This would be good news, except he's not sure he's cut out to be a billionaire. He's also not sure he's cut out to be a dad but, since he's been left in charge of his orphaned niece, he's giving it a go. What he thinks he needs is a tutor to help little Ava return to school. What he really needs is someone to keep him sane. As it turns out, Nathan White, a dimpled blond with a shy smile and a gift for working with kids, excels at both. But fame, money, love and parenthood all have one thing in common - they are bound to bring trouble. As Nate and Alan's easy friendship is trying to blossom into something more, they might be facing bigger obstacles than either of them imagined.

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Katerina Velanis 18.01.2021, 14:46:29

Hi Istoria, I love your book. I am looking forward to reading how each chapter unfolds now. I love how you have started this in the in an innocent way, like a real friendship building before a relationship. But oh my goodness, poor Nate. What a blow to him! Eager to read how Alan has coped these last few weeks and what he has to say to Nate now. I feel heartbreak, tears, and lots of love coming up :)

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Katerina Velanis 19.01.2021, 04:11:48

Istoria Xander, Oh ok! Good luck with the competition!

Christianah Oyedokun 01.12.2020, 19:40:55

the book is very interesting please update

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Istoria Xander 01.12.2020, 22:17:25

Christianah Oyedokun, Dear Christianah, thank you very much. I am working on an update at the moment.

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