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Hunter for Liberty


Series: Inevitable

Story about:werewolves, soulmates, betrayal secret trust family

Age restriction: 18+

4 32

#406 in Supernaturals
#859 in Romantic fantasy

On Hold: 06 Oct 37 pages

Publication: 01.10.2020 — ...

Description of book "Hunter for Liberty"

9 years of coming of age to claim her, 17 years of losing home and security, 27 years of living, struggling, fighting, still only an image of illusion, a mark of the hollowed spot deep inside this beating something in my chest.

They can all talk about the fall of the most powerful pack of the North or the rise of a certain "Devil Pack" at Durn Island, I can manage through all those speculations. What has me awake in wee hours at midnight was that my cunning expertise couldn't seem to keep up with the swiftness and mystery of the latest talk of the crowd, the "Phantom Snatchers". It's unrealistic how the sound of their tales sends jolts of excitement I couldn't comprehend, it's like a primal hunger of hunting to unveil the mystery that is the "Phantom Snatchers".


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