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Monika Singh

Series: Hatred Series

Story about:love and revenge, enemies to lovers, billionare

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#25 in Romance

Complete 267 pages

Publication: 22.09.2020 — 09.11.2020
Contests: My love, my billionaire

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Description of book "Husband"

Dave Francis was the richest banker in the country. I was supposed to marry someone else but he won me in the auction. I had no choice but to marry him. I didn't know how long would he treat me like trash? How many times would he crush my soul? He made me believe that I was worthless. He saw me worthless. I was a waste of his money. I was a waste of his time. He was my husband but in the name only.
Join the beautiful love story of Ava and Dave.

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Shristi Sanchari Champati 24.11.2020, 10:09:21

I can't believe I have completed the series ,thank you so much author for making such an amazing and hearwheliming stort . I loved it soo much

Shristi Sanchari Champati 24.11.2020, 07:58:38

I am in utter shock

Aashi Senger 23.11.2020, 17:35:32

After seeing Dave after vivian comes in story and takes ava,I remember this beautiful phrase for Dave

How can you stay away from me and go, how can your heart forget me ... I am that fragrance which lives in the breath, how will you stop your breath

Aashi Senger 23.11.2020, 17:32:49

when ava divorces Dave I am very scared that what will happen next but someone says very true
It is saying that if you really desire something from the heart ... then the whole universe will work towards getting you that

Aashi Senger 23.11.2020, 17:27:17

You'll find thousands of reasons in the market of fear for not falling in love ... but you have to search for only one reason in your own heart to fall in love,
after seeing ava falling in love with Dave in high school I remember this beautiful phrase!!

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Monika Singh 23.11.2020, 17:29:46

Aashi Senger, ❤❤

Aashi Senger 23.11.2020, 17:21:28

no matter how much one can try to, but true and pure love never fails it wins, journey of ava nad Dave is full of twist and turns, unexpected decisions, shocked incidents full of thriller but at last their pure love wins which I love in Monika Singh's stories ❤❤

Aashi Senger 23.11.2020, 17:17:55

wow, after hatred this is second most beautiful book I ever read and monika your way of writing this story ❤❤ the way she depicts ava cheacter and emotions of her, her love for Dave, even she can't express her love for Dave openly but she shows it secretly by putting his favorite food in lockar, she unintentionally insult him because of her greedy father but she goes to finds him when she heard about his mother and fire incident at his house, because she loves him, even she is broken completely after her divorce with Dave bit ahe finally accepts her love for him

Sufira Rukia 21.11.2020, 13:37:26


Madhurima Samanta 19.11.2020, 17:36:11


Nive Thitha 17.11.2020, 16:26:06

That was a fantastic story , keep writing

Maureen Mutahi 14.11.2020, 20:12:41

Wow what a husband..i;ve also felt for Ava...though I'm unable to get the tasks and reload the mind helping me so I could move on with the reading kindly..

Minakshi Das 14.11.2020, 07:32:34

how can I read the story for free?

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Minakshi Das 14.11.2020, 08:20:09

Monika Singh, thank you author... love this story

Joe Fletcher 13.11.2020, 21:36:40

Hey will your next story be about Rosalyn and Travis.

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Monika Singh 14.11.2020, 08:16:22

Joe Fletcher, Yup

Fath Sunday 13.11.2020, 17:24:46

Comment has been deleted

Visietshii Kajiri 10.11.2020, 01:24:11

he y author please update more's so interesting n I am dying to read the complete book so please update more chapters...m stuck in chapter 11ya

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Monika Singh 10.11.2020, 06:10:30

Visietshii Kajiri, $ 1.99

Jocelyn Balbuena 10.11.2020, 03:06:44

how can i use free reload option my heart goes to ava, they love each other but pride prevent them fr saying their feeling for each other

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Monika Singh 10.11.2020, 03:15:39

Jocelyn Balbuena, Go to setting > to my account > my wallet > click free reload option > and do the tasks❤

Visietshii Kajiri 10.11.2020, 01:26:16

please I want to read can u please update more chapters

Harshita Baid 06.11.2020, 16:54:19

have I written something wrong, that u deleted my comments, I just wanted to congratulate you for the book.

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Monika Singh 09.11.2020, 13:45:59

VAISHNAVI PHAPALE, Hi, glad to hear that❤ you can buy through a credit card or PayPal or you can use a free reload option.

Ritu Sandhu 09.11.2020, 12:14:25

Well,thnx for this beautiful journeyof Ava nd Dave,,,,enjoyed it fully from d beginning,it kept me bound.
Waiting for ur nxt book...

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Monika Singh 09.11.2020, 12:20:19

Ritu Sandhu, Thank you so so much for your love and support ❤

Harshita Baid 09.11.2020, 11:41:02

thanks author for taking us to a rollercoaster ride with this beautiful story of yours.

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Monika Singh 09.11.2020, 11:55:54

Harshita Baid, Your love and support means a lot to me❤

IshkbaazSHIVIKA 09.11.2020, 10:22:27

Awwww Dereck is the naughty little devil twin

Ritu Sandhu 08.11.2020, 16:37:55

Update plzzzz

Ritu Sandhu 08.11.2020, 16:37:09

Update plzzzz

Harshita Baid 08.11.2020, 16:13:10

pls update..

Usha Chauhan Sisaudia 06.11.2020, 15:58:23

How does one purchase

The last comment in the thread:

Alex admin 08.11.2020, 14:24:07

Usha Chauhan Sisaudia, Hello, you can buy with a credit card or PayPal or use a free reload option:

Wuzor Stanley 07.11.2020, 03:42:18

Did Ava finally come back to Dave. Were they together at the ending part

Eddo Esther 06.11.2020, 13:06:58

nice book

Eddo Esther 06.11.2020, 13:06:58

nice book

Harshita Baid 06.11.2020, 05:27:41

Comment has been deleted

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Monika Singh 06.11.2020, 09:34:29

Comment has been deleted

Usha Chauhan Sisaudia 06.11.2020, 07:05:39

What happened. Why can I not read the rest

The last comment in the thread:

Monika Singh 06.11.2020, 07:35:04

Usha Chauhan Sisaudia, You have to pay for reading the entire book.

Usha Chauhan Sisaudia 06.11.2020, 07:07:42

It says end of sample do I get to the rest.

Visietshii Kajiri 06.11.2020, 05:39:09

waiting for an update......please update more chapters can't wait to read

IshkbaazSHIVIKA 05.11.2020, 19:30:27

Yaaayyyy twins. I always wanted them to have twins❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

Harshita Baid 05.11.2020, 15:19:59

today's update pls.

Oluwafemi Rechael Mojisola 04.11.2020, 23:39:35

Am loving it..good job. Pls the complete chapter

Oluwafemi Rechael Mojisola 04.11.2020, 23:37:33

I love this book, pls I need the rest chapter

IshkbaazSHIVIKA 03.11.2020, 20:30:39

lots of love to this chap ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

Devil Cruel Love 03.11.2020, 19:24:48

can you unlock the chapter

Sheeba Pratheesh 03.11.2020, 18:07:45

Beautiful story

Shahnaaz Cassim-Azmuth 03.11.2020, 17:46:57


Harshita Baid 03.11.2020, 15:39:01

really waiting for the twist, something will surely happen as foxes are alive.
probably next, chapter can't wait to read it.

Harshita Baid 03.11.2020, 04:44:34

pls update more than one chapter today, plzzz

Visietshii Kajiri 02.11.2020, 17:34:09

its so much interesting....please update more chapters please

Visietshii Kajiri 02.11.2020, 08:42:31

I want to read more please update more chapter please

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Visietshii Kajiri 02.11.2020, 08:53:03

Monika Singh, thankyou

Joeys mama 01.11.2020, 20:57:33

Finally Ava got her happyness I love this book
Author I hope you don't mind me stating this but I think your story telling/writing skills are improving
Yeah for us the readers

The last comment in the thread:

Monika Singh 02.11.2020, 01:57:20

Joeys mama, Love you ❤

Harshita Baid 01.11.2020, 19:36:42

finally they are together, I know foxes won't rest and break their peace, but itleast they are happy now.

The last comment in the thread:

Monika Singh 01.11.2020, 19:41:52

Harshita Baid, They are happy❤

Arundhati Sengupta 01.11.2020, 19:08:47

Beautiful reunion. So romantic ?

The last comment in the thread:

Monika Singh 01.11.2020, 19:17:12

Arundhati Sengupta, ❤

Shahnaaz Cassim-Azmuth 01.11.2020, 18:50:39

Absolutely beautiful. love love this book. You have amazing writing skills

The last comment in the thread:

Monika Singh 01.11.2020, 18:52:45

Shahnaaz Cassim-Azmuth, Thank you ❤

Harshita Baid 01.11.2020, 15:43:38

plz update today, today is the alternate day, eagerly waiting to read more.

Visietshii Kajiri 01.11.2020, 14:22:52

very much pleased waiting for more updates

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