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Book. "I As It Witnesses Me" read online
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Publication: 12.08.2022 — 12.08.2022

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Description of book "I As It Witnesses Me"

There are fundamental ideas of consciousness, cognition, intentionality, landscapes of information, intellect, body-mind processes, etc, which in their holism, form the basis of eligibility for your potential optimization and lasting wellness. This eBook invites you to witness your ‘I’ journeying into landscapes and dimensions of ‘Me’, for easy-simple actualization of all life-living successes.
Intellect is not needed for culturally benchmarked, repetitive-restricted success of slavish endowments. Tragically; world of probabilities, of novel and alternative utility-worth, for bliss and contentment opens up only when ‘I’ has the Will and Wherewithal to witness realities and journey ‘Me’, beyond subconscious intentionality. Intellect is eligibility. I Witnessing Me, pathways beyond-ness.


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