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I Belong to you forever

Lara Soultaker

Story about:mate, alpha male, sexyromance

Age restriction: 18+

59 364

#512 in Romantic erotica
#357 in Paranormal Romance

On Hold: 14 Nov 33 pages

Publication: 26.03.2021 — ...

Description of book "I Belong to you forever"

Alania Wilson is a she-wolf daughter of the Red Winter Pack's beta, born with extraordinary abilities, desired by all the alphas for her ability to become one of the strongest Luna ever. When she is 14 years old, Alpha Julius of the Blue Mountain Pack tries to kidnap and abuse her to make her his and prevent anyone else from having her. Her father and brother will send her away to protect her, and when she is 18, she will return home to fulfill her destiny. But she comes back stronger than ever and with the intention of not accepting her mate because she wants to be the master of her own destiny and become the first alpha female. The moon goddess has another path prepared for her. When she finds her mate in her alpha Hansen, she tries to evade the mating bond by using magic.


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27.12.2021, 11:08:46

I like your approach here ^^

Sally Louisa
21.12.2021, 14:06:48

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