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I Fell In Love With A Cute Elf

Erla Min

Story about:fantasy, elfs, romance adventure

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#981 in Romantic fantasy
#127 in Action & Adventures

On Hold: 02 Sep 2 pages

Publication: 02.09.2020 — ...

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Description of book "I Fell In Love With A Cute Elf"

When Melisa fell from a cliff she thought she would die but when she finally could open her eyes she realized that she had been transported to a forest.
Being chased by strange beasts she wondered how she got there.

However, a streak of light descended towards her and a mark of golden wings appeared on her left arm.

"This is real?" Melisa wondered, "that was magic" Melisa was puzzled.

"The guardian has arrived" - she heard a loud voice.

"Guardian? Guardian of what? You mean me? What's going on here !?"

"And who is that mysterious but cute elf?"

His blood-red hair attracted Melisa's gaze from the first time she saw him.


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