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Book. "I Only Gave My Virginity for You " read online

I Only Gave My Virginity for You


Story about:hot boss, sex, cool guy

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#282 in Romantic suspense
#711 in Billionaires

On Hold: 27 Dec 17 pages

Publication: 26.12.2022 — ...

Description of book "I Only Gave My Virginity for You "

Ailyn, pretty, shy, having a stunning face, long hair, attractive eyebrows, and enticing skin which looks like a princess, especially when she displays her awesome smile, but the heart face down thinks why Rith, her original mommy had passed away. Alongside Jack, the elegant daddy who wants to abandon her since he couldn’t support her financially, emotionally, and morally.
A pleasant night, Jack gladly meets Kitty in the hotel; Bronze hotel’s owner, land owner, and lawyer, she’s already 40 years without hubby, she pledges to support Jack and Ailyn, as long as Jack would definitely take her silver heart.
In the mansion, Ailyn lives delightedly with them, she acts like a princess, after a year, her father has died due to tuberculosis. That time, Ailyn falls down heart beside her stepmother,


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