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I Still Love You

Vijay Kerji

Story about:romance, india, love story

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Publication: 02.07.2019 — 10.07.2021

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Description of book "I Still Love You"

Murali, a Software Engineer at Hyderabad, loses his girlfriend in an accident, but later falls in love with Pratibha who is also a Software Engineer. But Pratibha is already in love with her boyfriend Rahul, but she keeps this information from Murali secret not to hurt his sentiments.

When Murali proposes to Pratibha, he comes to know about her boyfriend Rahul. But at one stage, Rahul stops answering Pratibha's calls that force her to return to Hyderabad from Bangalore. Will Murali gets back Pratibha in his life? Read On...


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Niki Naila
08.11.2020, 23:46:24

where ch 1 n 2 ????

wezy mayuni
14.06.2020, 09:09:38

I can't read the ready of the chapters.

06.12.2019, 04:42:47

a beautiful story
I haven't finished reading yet, but I'm excited for more!

Vijay Kerji
06.12.2019, 05:56:27

Thank you so much!

Irish Amissah
22.10.2019, 19:05:29

Please when are you releasing a new novel?

Vijay Kerji
24.10.2019, 17:25:09

You're most welcome!

Rohma Silbanuz
19.09.2019, 06:47:26

Oh ohhh, sad news for Sim, but do update soon. Thanks

Vijay Kerji
09.10.2019, 23:00:03

Irish Amissah, Thank you!

Sandra Obas
01.09.2019, 20:24:28

I love this story please update soon

Vijay Kerji
11.09.2019, 09:57:10

Sandra Obas, Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I'm glad that I could entertain the reader. The next chapter has been added and I hope you will enjoy reading it. Happy Reading!

Ruechari guru
01.08.2019, 18:38:19

So happy you've updated this story. It is has been such a sweet, romantic read. And I do love romantic stories. Looking forward to reading more.

Vijay Kerji
01.08.2019, 19:56:01

Ruechari, Sure. Thank you!

Goodness Shadrach
24.07.2019, 15:36:41

I love romantic stories

Goodness Shadrach
24.07.2019, 17:50:31

Vijay Kerji, sure

Monica Spener
19.07.2019, 15:25:01

I love this story

Vijay Kerji
19.07.2019, 15:40:54

Thank you!

Michelle Shelburn
02.07.2019, 19:48:24

you need to publish more

Vijay Kerji
08.07.2019, 08:40:22

I will publish the remaining parts soon. By the way, can you please follow me?

Catsoline Grace
03.07.2019, 13:04:25


Vijay Kerji
08.07.2019, 08:38:59

Can you please follow me?

Loreal Farmer
05.07.2019, 14:08:25

very good

Vijay Kerji
07.07.2019, 19:06:09

Loreal Farmer, Thanks! I'm posting the remaining parts soon and I hope you will enjoy the whole story.

Andrew Nobriga
04.07.2019, 12:26:06

oh, its so sweet

Vijay Kerji
04.07.2019, 13:18:59

Thank you. Remaining chapters will be posted very soon. Thanks.

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