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I Will Know Thee By The Light of The Moon

J Dessarroy

Story about:gothic romance, vampire romance, literary fiction

Age restriction: 18+

144 367

#301 in Dark fantasy
#245 in LGBT

Complete 281 pages

Publication: 27.03.2020 — 25.01.2021

Description of book "I Will Know Thee By The Light of The Moon"

In a Gothic romance taking place in France during the Middle Ages and spanning across three centuries, the monstrous protagonist of this tale survives the era as she is driven forth by bloodthirsty desire and gloomy fascination. Haunted by the ghosts of centuries' past and ruled by preternatural urges, she embarks on a journey that is painfully illuminated by the losses, triumphs, and misadventures she experiences, all of which are complicated by a propensity for falling in love with women in the direst of circumstances.


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Francesca Hill
07.02.2021, 15:45:57

poetry in every line

J Dessarroy
11.02.2021, 14:59:20

Francesca Hill, Thank you so much for reading and for commenting.

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