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Illegal and Sweet

Gacrux Lume (itsocks)

Story about:
humor, forbidden love, desire


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#23 in New Adult & College
#117 in Romance

Ongoing: 09 May 17 pages

Publication: 29.04.2020 — ...

Description of book "Illegal and Sweet"

Venus Miller illegally takes pictures of the guy who, in addition to having won two consecutive nationals in swimming, is the most popular guy in the university.
She just sells them and that's how she makes easy money.
When she started in the business her goal was to buy a new lens for her camera, but when she was discovered by him, everything turned into a sweet vicious circle.

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Samarpita Das 26.05.2020, 13:32:04

The story is good but there are too many typos. So, it gets really confusing sometimes to understand who is saying what.

Covet Parna 23.05.2020, 08:46:28

Comment has been deleted

Averyn Dev 17.05.2020, 12:18:55

So far so good! Update pls

341c4a06a1195cc4 09.05.2020, 18:58:16

please update

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Gacrux Lume (itsocks) 09.05.2020, 21:28:49

341c4a06a1195cc4, I just posted the new chapter :}

Han Paula 30.04.2020, 19:49:33

Read it in Spanish... I hope it becomes a hit.

The last comment in the thread:

Gacrux Lume (itsocks) 01.05.2020, 19:01:24

Han Paula, Oh thank you so much! Your message made my day! :}

Maria Cristina Bajas 29.04.2020, 06:59:58

Its a good story i like it

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Gacrux Lume (itsocks) 29.04.2020, 07:01:17

Maria Cristina Bajas, Thanks. I'm glad you like it :}

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