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Illuminated by her glow


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A mistaken identity leads to a series of unfortunate events for Rosie, a 20 year old who lives with her friend at her apartment. With a naive and innocent personality, she doesn't have much knowledge about the dark that goes around in the world due to the sheltered life she has spent with her grandparents after the loss of her parents at the tender age of 8 which had been a traumatic experience for her sensitive mind and made her meek personality even more timid.Jeon Jungkook, 26 years old, is a powerful selfmade businessman who has links in the mafia as well as the police. While searching for the traitor in his company, he stumbles upon a beautiful angel. What will happen when their path crosses? Will his sins be redeemed or will he live in darkness his entire life? Read to find out♡

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A Durgaprashanti 08.10.2020, 12:48:08

interesting. .... wanna know what happens next author. ......:-)

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idontcare 08.10.2020, 13:26:43

A Durgaprashanti, thank you

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