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Publication: 05.06.2020 — 24.07.2020

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"no, I'm sorry that I make your life horrible I'm sorry for making you go back to her I'm sorry I cant do anything wright are you going to realize that we cant be together? you love her and not me I'm sorry i-i-i just can't be her I'm so sorry" I run away crying I just cant do this anymore...
lyric and ben have dated for one year, but lyric has noticed that ben has been distant lately and he has been hanging around his ex a lot lately lyric knows that she will never live up to what he wants her to be will she ever realize that she is her own type of beautiful and she deserves better?

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Shalyne 23.07.2020, 18:25:19

maybe she felt something for Jon rather than Noah...

Shalyne 23.07.2020, 18:24:47

I love the song

Shalyne 23.07.2020, 15:31:14

Friends in need are friends indeed

Laisa Tikomaimaleya 19.06.2020, 09:17:40

Liking it more....yeah more updates please

Laisa Tikomaimaleya 18.06.2020, 10:15:00

The story line is quite good...may be the song s are too long. Its taking the space for the story....
More please.

Luna 13.06.2020, 19:22:15

Are you writing 'diary of a broken girl's? I'm absolutely gonna read it ^_^

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morganthewriter 13.06.2020, 20:40:14

Luna, I might I don't know yet I think i might start writing it when I finish this one❤

Luna 13.06.2020, 19:35:51

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Luna 13.06.2020, 19:27:43

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