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I'm The Boss (my arranged marriage)

Tracy Keys

Story about:family, boss, doctors love

166 4 2015

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Description of book "I'm The Boss (my arranged marriage)"

Sophia Grace is a 23 year old young and aspiring medical doctor. Her dream is to open the biggest hospital in all of Atlanta,Georgia. Everything works out perfectly well till the day she returns from her studies in India, when she is betrothed to someone whom she doesn't know.There is a reason behind the sudden engagement announcement, yet she is kept in the dark.

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Meenaella 18.12.2020, 10:23:35

you are really great,this book is awesome

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Tracy Keys 18.12.2020, 16:05:14

Meenaella, thank you so much

zipeotr 09.12.2020, 09:47:55


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Tracy Keys 11.12.2020, 04:55:19

zipeotr, sorry it is coming but today. was sick

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