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Book. "Immortal" read online


Tina Bright

Story about:epic love, apocalypse, superpowers

Age restriction: 18+

25 6250

#302 in Romantic fantasy
#137 in Supernaturals

Complete 399 pages

Publication: 17.06.2022 — 20.02.2023

Description of book "Immortal"

Charon has left his post, provoking an irreversible process, destroyed the Balance of the Universe. Both worlds are in unprecedented danger - the ancient Evil, called Chaos, is waiting for the chance to break out and devour all life on Earth.
Aa ordinary freshman, Darcy Black, finding herself in the wrong place and at the wrong time, gains incredible power, but at the same time a duty, in the form of the destruction of hundreds of gloomy souls that escaped with Charon. Now it only depends on her whether Chaos will be freed from its captivity? Darcy will have to forget about her dreams and human life in order to devote herself to the duty that she must give to the Balance, which holds the ancient evil in its prison.


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stephaniah julius
10.01.2023, 16:19:18

ohh.. my goodness.. i just can't believe this it's so interesting oo

stephaniah julius
26.12.2022, 03:30:54

ohh my gosh, this is Incredible.. like seriously, I love this updates
merry Christmas dearest author.. thumbs up

stephaniah julius
03.12.2022, 18:13:32

I'm so happy with all these updates dearest, I was busy that's why.. thumbs up Dearest

stephaniah julius
11.11.2022, 23:56:40

thanks for the update dearest thumbs up

stephaniah julius
29.10.2022, 15:32:03

thanks alot dearling, love the updates dearest.. muah

stephaniah julius
29.10.2022, 15:31:33

yeah I kinda understand where Eugene is coming from but it's not her fault too, I still wish they tell Darsy the real truth b4 it's too late

stephaniah julius
27.10.2022, 18:54:33

hey dearest author, i want to appreciate your great job
I love this novel Alot and I'll love to finish it with you.. thanks dearling

Tina Bright
28.10.2022, 14:40:03

stephaniah julius, Thank you very much! I am pleased to read these words))

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