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Norse, Greek, Egyptian, and more God's along with the Christian/Jewish God form a plan to stop the threat that is coming. they use their powers to create a being who can potentially stop the end of everything. Nathaniel is a boy who lives with his sick mother, on his thirteenth birthday his life changes forever as he enters his teenage years. Lucifer, the fallen angel comes to Earth in an attempt to find Nathaniel and an offspring of his own. Alice is a girl that lives with a fairly rich mother and her stepdad, her life was fairly fine until everything suddenly all starts to go wrong. Nathaniel with the help of the Norse God of War Tyr, and the Angel/Saint Raphael must learn to hone his powers and meet new allies along the way, all to stop the coming of The End of The World.

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Joe Marh 29.05.2019, 13:09:33

do you think of changing this cover?

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Writer_of_Stories 29.05.2019, 16:35:39

I'll have to create a new cover, I'll start on it whenever I get time

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