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Imperfect Strangers

Lee Taylor (caramelcherries)

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love confession, intern, heartthrob


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Publication: 19.02.2020 — 12.06.2020

Description of book "Imperfect Strangers"

Wanting to rant about her bad breakup to her bestie, Oaklynn Turner mistakenly dials a wrong number and a cocky, feisty bad boy answers instead. They begin texting each other everyday and she can't help but fall for the feisty stranger. Obviously curiosity gets the best of them and they decide to finally meet face to face at a local cafe. She is both pleasantly surprised and shocked when she puts a face to the guy with the sexy drawl. And the rest as we say, is history...or is it the beginning of an interesting future?

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Thaakirah Gatab 21.05.2020, 23:29:10

waiting very impatiently can't wait for the next chapter

Ojevwe Momoh 21.05.2020, 13:00:40

You do know how to put someone in suspense Lee Taylor. When are you uploading again

rose Ndifon 19.05.2020, 16:55:13

is this thee end of this book if not please for the title to continue

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Lee Taylor (caramelcherries) 21.05.2020, 08:49:18

rose Ndifon, It's ongoing. You read as you go

Loata Wara Takala 21.05.2020, 01:26:08

Thanks Tristan... eagerly waiting for next chapter.

Shiza Naeem 20.05.2020, 20:20:41

More update please

Loata Wara Takala 19.05.2020, 15:52:01

I hope Kylo doesn't throw in the towel... and Lynn changes her mind

Reshma Nair 16.05.2020, 07:54:15

Awaiting eagerly for the next chapters, perfect blend of romance,agony and mystery.

Athola Mantyi 15.05.2020, 06:27:38

kitten please have Mercy on our Ren aka Kylo. They're as in "He" is very much in love.

rose Ndifon 14.05.2020, 16:29:48

is this the end of the book.cause if it is then am disappointment

adepeju-a o-israel 13.05.2020, 21:18:12

aaawwwh! Kylo or Ren spoiled it all! But Olly should have given him an opportunity to explain himself.

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adepeju-a o-israel 14.05.2020, 01:34:30

Loata Wara Takala, I pray so too. We are waiting. Pls update fast!!!!!!!

Khushi Trivedi 13.05.2020, 13:16:18

When will you update next?Eagerly waiting.

Loata Wara Takala 13.05.2020, 06:52:47

Comment has been deleted

Erica M 12.05.2020, 15:36:19

update please

Shruti Tiwari 11.05.2020, 21:11:46

Please update soon please.

Loata Wara Takala 10.05.2020, 03:50:16

I can't wait to see Oaklynn's reaction

Farzana Farzana 09.05.2020, 02:50:34


jennifer timple 06.05.2020, 05:41:55

the run of the story is definitely amazing!.... I'm caught!. can't wait for the next chapter!

Loata Wara Takala 03.05.2020, 19:02:07

Oh the suspense

Maargee Bhandari 01.05.2020, 18:39:25

The story is amazing..Can't wait what happens next..

Loata Wara Takala 30.04.2020, 15:13:08

I'm loving it :) :)

Loata Wara Takala 29.04.2020, 08:04:19


adepeju-a o-israel 28.04.2020, 22:44:43

Good riddance to Tristan. Now let's see what will happen when she discovered that Ren is Kylo. Pls update fast.

Lee Taylor (caramelcherries) 28.04.2020, 21:48:05

Double update xx

Loata Wara Takala 26.04.2020, 10:14:50

Comment has been deleted

Veena Malennavar 23.04.2020, 15:49:39

Started today ...n finished ...and waiting for next updated!! Nice story!!! Loved it xx

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Veena Malennavar 25.04.2020, 12:38:45

Lee Taylor (caramelcherries), thank you so much..♥️

Juvy Lintao de Ocampo 21.04.2020, 03:44:19

Got confused where’s the Mr. Distraction and Commander now, the text mate thing & how Lynn got back her phone?

The last comment in the thread:

Lee Taylor (caramelcherries) 22.04.2020, 21:15:39

Im sure everyone has caught on that Commander, Ten and the guy she's been chatting to is Kylo King. He knows but she's still in the dark

Loata Wara Takala 21.04.2020, 02:41:12

Comment has been deleted

Loata Wara Takala 21.04.2020, 01:15:56

Thanks for the update

Jannet Bravo 17.04.2020, 12:09:05

Wow I love the story thank you. Waiting for the next chapter pls. Loveits...

The last comment in the thread:

Lee Taylor (caramelcherries) 20.04.2020, 21:36:27

new chapter updated. Tx for reading xx

Loata Wara Takala 17.04.2020, 02:45:37


Tabitha Mutashi 13.04.2020, 00:33:09

nice update I love the way the story is going

Loata Wara Takala 12.04.2020, 23:51:21

Love the daily update. Love the story.

Juvy Lintao de Ocampo 10.04.2020, 04:27:06

One of my favorite story, hoping to read more updates daily, worth reading❤️

The last comment in the thread:

Lee Taylor (caramelcherries) 11.04.2020, 19:29:31

New chapter added. Tx for reading xx

Loata Wara Takala 09.04.2020, 21:51:39

Thank you... Love it love it... more please.

Omorowa Laurel Igbinovia 09.04.2020, 13:04:36

it's cool

Shiza Naeem 08.04.2020, 00:50:18

Too short..!!!!

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Shiza Naeem 09.04.2020, 00:26:14

Want moreee

Juvy Lintao de Ocampo 07.04.2020, 20:35:38

Next update please, very nice novel?

The last comment in the thread:

Lee Taylor (caramelcherries) 07.04.2020, 23:51:20


sadaf 06.04.2020, 07:34:43


Annie 06.04.2020, 06:32:28

it is lovely and i want to read more

adepeju-a o-israel 05.04.2020, 22:04:26

Oooh no! The update is just too short. Pls update tomorrow. Thanks.

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adepeju-a o-israel 06.04.2020, 01:29:09

Lee Taylor (caramelcherries), thanks, will be expecting.

Shiza Naeem 05.04.2020, 23:52:48

Please update more often

Loata Wara Takala 05.04.2020, 21:38:41

Oh the suspense!! Wow!! Thanks for the update Lee Taylor. Keep it coming!

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Loata Wara Takala 05.04.2020, 22:44:11

I love this story... and your other stories as well

Loata Wara Takala 04.04.2020, 14:16:42

Update please?

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Lee Taylor (caramelcherries) 05.04.2020, 20:47:39


sadaf 28.03.2020, 08:38:10

Update please!!!

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sadaf 28.03.2020, 12:11:08

Tysm lee taylor

Loata Wara Takala 27.03.2020, 12:59:37


Loata Wara Takala 27.03.2020, 07:41:31

oh!! eagerly waiting for next update... blame the lockdown for the anxiety

Kate wall 27.03.2020, 06:48:10

omg I love this book

Loata Wara Takala 26.03.2020, 12:51:20

Oh c'mon Ren... don't give up on her

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Lee Taylor (caramelcherries) 26.03.2020, 14:24:37

Loata Wara Takala, If only he knew...

Loata Wara Takala 26.03.2020, 12:50:38

Keep it coming.... i love how we are kept in suspense ???

Shiza Naeem 26.03.2020, 12:13:13

Short update

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