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Publication: 26.07.2020 — 07.11.2020
Contests: My love, my billionaire

Description of book "Imperfection"

"Why can't I be with her mom?"

"She is too imperfect for you!"

"But that's what I love about her mom, her imperfection, so please, let me be with her."


For as long as Lily can remember, her family has been servants for the Lockwood's and she vowed to free her family from their cage.

Wanting so badly to go to college and the Lockwood's being a well known and rich family, Lily decided to follow in her family's footstep with a goal for herself: work for the Lockwood's for a year, raise money, go to college, get a good job and save her family.

But what Lily didn't think of, didn't expect was for the Lockwood's son, Shane, who has been away from home for ten years to suddenly return and for him to claim her heart.

Knowing the Lockwood's and their pride, can she be with him?

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Aanchal 17.01.2021, 20:22:12


Lynn Austria 17.01.2021, 07:19:33

Nice plot and story, keep it up, perhaps other just busy to reply. Take care and God bless us

Mila Quiacos 15.01.2021, 01:17:12


Teniola Olabode 14.01.2021, 23:08:46

Good book

Jhu Liet 14.01.2021, 12:34:22

what of the part two

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Goodness Shadrach 14.01.2021, 13:40:07

Jhu Liet, The name is Perfection, search for it :)

Gas Matalubos 29.12.2020, 18:27:28

I love the way this story is written

karen james 28.12.2020, 21:47:52

Someone is always witnessing, it better not be Nora because I have a feeling she's the SNITCH

Peninah Mwende 28.12.2020, 13:16:06

good flow

Pretty Emmaus 27.12.2020, 22:20:30

how about part two

Karambu Mmwenda 27.12.2020, 16:10:41

Hey Goodness ,this is so bad,I don't think lily her love is money but it is true love to Shane,hope that woman has not done smthg bad to her to prove it to is 2 plz

Marianita Billones Timtim 26.12.2020, 02:55:05

chapter 2 pls

Haydee Asparin Espinosa 25.12.2020, 18:11:18


Ursula De Jesus 25.12.2020, 08:53:13


Rafaela Carolysa Mbuba 09.12.2020, 10:46:12

ohhh just hope Lilly is safe n she makes a comeback to that wicked two please

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Rafaela Carolysa Mbuba 20.12.2020, 05:50:52

Maitreyee, Hello

Om kumar 18.12.2020, 17:30:34


Sonto Myeza 15.12.2020, 23:52:36

Amazing emotional start

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Om kumar 18.12.2020, 17:29:42

Maitreyee, hi

Om kumar 18.12.2020, 17:29:05


Terran Terran 07.12.2020, 16:50:54

can't believe I spent time reading this foolish story, sorry to say but author ur story didn't make sense.

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Maitreyee 17.12.2020, 17:34:04

Mahaa, hiii!! would love it if you could check out my story!!

Yvonne Padica Williams 10.12.2020, 01:26:58

Super nice story. Hope there will more chapters to read.

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Maitreyee 17.12.2020, 17:32:21

Yvonne Padica Williams, Hello!!! would really appreciate it if you could give some feedback to my story

Jasmine Bagarty 15.12.2020, 15:08:41

I would love to read such kind of stories

Mahaa 12.12.2020, 12:16:37

yes I like this cover a lot :)

The last comment in the thread:

Goodness Shadrach 13.12.2020, 01:54:46

Mahaa, Thanks :)

Mahaa 10.12.2020, 21:45:08

I liked the previous cover more :(

Jannet Bravo 10.12.2020, 10:37:25

I love this book much thank you Shadrach for this.. Hope part 2 they together happy ending..God bless

The last comment in the thread:

Goodness Shadrach 10.12.2020, 10:51:49

Jannet Bravo, You have to read to find out dear :)

Nancy Bagot 09.12.2020, 21:17:43

Book 2 please.

Belle Lanceta Flores 09.12.2020, 05:31:59

Oh God how I wish a happy ending for their love

Terran Terran 07.12.2020, 16:49:53

what story is this, pure nonsense

Twinkerl 07.12.2020, 05:33:35

nice story.. please release the book 2.. God bless

Rafeza Mukta 06.12.2020, 21:13:14

How long we need to wait to update.

Nancy Bagot 06.12.2020, 09:17:55

Perfection 2

Nancy Bagot 06.12.2020, 09:17:11

Imperfections 2

Hera Nanya 30.11.2020, 00:02:48

Shane's just like every man I have known. One who gives promises that he can't keep and so oblivious to what's going on in their environment

Oby Amah 19.11.2020, 09:21:44

Good story but I seriously don't know why this book has a part 2?
It's not necessary at all.
Author you should have just ended this story once & for all & start another story entirely.

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Peniel Binga 29.11.2020, 11:49:27

Goodness Shadrach, We need to know the truth about his father even if she left out of love, please. Or his mom would never be sorry for her mis-dids

Peniel Binga 29.11.2020, 11:44:01

Next part please

Pretty Winny 29.11.2020, 09:35:34


Oyemekun Omojisola 28.11.2020, 23:44:16

wow this is beautiful

Chato Lansangan 28.11.2020, 19:06:54

Waiting for part 2 soon..

Jene Rose Javier Jabonete 28.11.2020, 06:36:40

Waiting for the part 2,, love the story

Linda Saculles 27.11.2020, 06:54:27

I love this,thank you

Chioma Enudi 26.11.2020, 12:27:51

Lovely story.

Savage 26.11.2020, 12:00:50

I love the story pls patiently waiting for past 2

Aminat Alli 25.11.2020, 19:42:40

Nice story

Ogechi Alams Ahizechukwu 25.11.2020, 00:37:10

Very lovely story,pls publish d part 2 I'm In love with ur book

Sheeba Pratheesh 24.11.2020, 19:41:06

when will you release 2nd part

Akriti Dangwal 22.11.2020, 19:16:01

Waiting for tge prt two....she definitely hav a reason..even Lilly has to take revenge frm his mother. or Shane's father prt is also creating suspense i. the next book...that also b clearify

prickly 08.11.2020, 15:15:38

pls pls publish book two
don't say you won't. I already liked ur book n I'm following u too. I hope every other person reading it likes n follows you. but pls upload book two. Also, I think either Margaret is behind Lilian's disappearance or Lilian went away to save Shane from his mother, cus she didn't know about their plan. she must have thought that once she goes away, Shane would return back to his mum.

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Rafeza Mukta 18.11.2020, 07:07:34

prickly, Yes, me also think so.
Me too like your books author .but we are in suspension... so plz don't neglect our "like"that we already gave you and plz update soon.I regular check booknet. Com for this book but I got Sad every times.Plz.. plz..plz..update soon.

Ronnie Cole 17.11.2020, 23:13:54

Very much

Dessy 13.11.2020, 21:19:25

this is so unfair dr u keeping us on suspense isn't fair is not everyday people will read some will read and forget to like please update plssss

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Dessy 14.11.2020, 08:35:10

Goodness Shadrach, thanks dr

Ajoke Makanjuola Nada 13.11.2020, 22:13:34

Please update

Dessy 13.11.2020, 21:23:04

please update plsss

WarDa Sidd 13.11.2020, 19:50:23

Ma'am We WanT PaRt 2 Of ThiS BoOk PleAsEeEe!!!

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