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Publication: 26.07.2020 — 07.11.2020
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Description of book "Imperfection"

"Why can't I be with her mom?"

"She is too imperfect for you!"

"But that's what I love about her mom, her imperfection, so please, let me be with her."


For as long as Lily can remember, her family has been servants for the Lockwood's and she vowed to free her family from their cage.

Wanting so badly to go to college and the Lockwood's being a well known and rich family, Lily decided to follow in her family's footstep with a goal for herself: work for the Lockwood's for a year, raise money, go to college, get a good job and save her family.

But what Lily didn't think of, didn't expect was for the Lockwood's son, Shane, who has been away from home for ten years to suddenly return and for him to claim her heart.

Knowing the Lockwood's and their pride, can she be with him?

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Vanessa Nkumsah 13.11.2020, 15:57:23

We need book 2 plzz

Resmi Mukherjee 24.10.2020, 06:15:26

Shane got it. Waiting to see how he tackles the situation.

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Goodness Shadrach 13.11.2020, 14:40:36

Roseline Dara, sure dear, I will start updating once it gets to the number of likes I stated :)

Vicky Akindeju 24.10.2020, 08:43:22

Whao, I love Shane's comment it shows mother and son bond, able to perceive his mother's perfume even in an hospital environment that smells of drug always. God job Goodness, more strength.

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Roseline Dara 13.11.2020, 14:09:13

Goodness Shadrach, ah pls let it be ASAP i beg of you. Thanks

Roseline Dara 13.11.2020, 14:04:10

please miss shadrach i cant wait to read the part 2, your story got me glued to my system really longing to see the end of that wicked witch called maggi

Iryn Torilla 13.11.2020, 11:27:19

publecant wait 4 book 2....publish soon pls!

aminat suleiman Adams 13.11.2020, 09:02:31

Pleassssse the part two, i can't wait to read it.

Kamna Kundi 12.11.2020, 21:06:50

Part 2 Pleaseeeee

vijaya mahlawat 12.11.2020, 18:46:17

please release part 2 as well

Erica M 12.11.2020, 15:29:55

I cant wait for book 2! I really love this story!

Novie Dela Cruz 12.11.2020, 13:28:20

I'm hoping that you will finish the story....

Edna Oduro 12.11.2020, 04:56:53

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Isabella Aloro 11.11.2020, 22:07:21

Oh my's really a great great read,,,but a sad ending,I can't seem to stop tearing ???... please Shadrach sooth my aching heart with book 2??

Neha Mathew 11.11.2020, 13:52:12

Please release part 2

Rafeza Mukta 10.11.2020, 21:02:06

My heart is also broken. Why is the end? Please update part 2 quickly.plz plz plz plz plz plz.

Iryn Torilla 10.11.2020, 17:12:53

why THE END?

Aida Orata 10.11.2020, 09:40:59

Please cntinue with part 2 . . I enjoy reading your story . Please please cntinue .

Osuagwu miracle Chidinma 09.11.2020, 19:32:27

please post the part 2

Gladys Ndua 08.11.2020, 23:42:18

plzzzz dont say you wont update

elizabeth 08.11.2020, 16:16:19

oh Goodness pls don't do this to us. you know we love every piece of yours so pls publish book 2 soon pls. I'm really sad reading the last chapters, I feel Lillian has been kidnapped by Margaret just to deceive Shane. pls update soon thank you

Agnes Anteyi 08.11.2020, 15:13:22

she must have been threatened by his mother to leave him and leave the country or something like that. thanks author can't wait for season 2 ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

Annabel Godwin 08.11.2020, 13:49:47

please don't say you won't publish book 2, am hooked already can't wait for book 2.. love you writing skills, your very talented

Sheeba Pratheesh 08.11.2020, 12:06:03

Please publish 2nd part of this book in Booknet. ,please

gemma wendell 08.11.2020, 11:59:04

how to like it a hundred times?

farhanatu abubakar 08.11.2020, 07:42:35

ohhhhhh no I'm sad for Lily and i bet Margaret is behind all that cause she's a cunning woman.and I really hope you will publish the next book dear,to be honest you are a great author and your writing skills is fabulous.i'm waiting patiently for the next book dear we love you and wish you all the best.

Queenebunoluelwa 07.11.2020, 22:27:08

author dearest I hope Lily is still coming back

Preeti Shah 07.11.2020, 21:05:42

though there would be sequel for this story, but I didn't like the end....and you know at the end of the story, I felt something has been lost

Mercy Edorodion 07.11.2020, 20:07:00

great write up. it's sad how Shane didn't smell conspiracy. I'm really worried about what Lilly might have to suffer in her attempt to help her Love.
I'm really expectant. looking forward to Perfection

Vicky Akindeju 07.11.2020, 20:00:25

I beg to disagree that Lily can ever leave Shane during this time. It must have been Magaret who got her kidnapped because she could see the bonds of love between them. Too bad for Shane to have believe that his Flower is after his money. I am sure the strong love that they share will make them come back again.

Ginny Pestano 07.11.2020, 19:35:17

What a sad ending...can't wait for book 2 to come out soon. I've read 5 of your books and love all of them including this one...Congratulations and keep on writing.

Dezrene Gardner 07.11.2020, 19:23:55

was not expecting this

Sonam Sharma 07.11.2020, 19:22:28

I really want to read second book .Poor Shane n Lily feeling sorry for both.

vandana gupta 07.11.2020, 19:20:27

what a heartfelt ending! Second part will be very interesting i am sure. You won't let Lily's sacrifice go in vain. Poor Lily ❤

Leslie Cornelio Espanola 04.11.2020, 14:05:28

my gosh what a person like her doing this kind of thing to a poor flower,be strong girl and figth,to the author pls update more chapter.

Vicky Akindeju 03.11.2020, 08:33:59

Instead of Lillian to tell Shane the truth she kept defending Margaret and inturn harm herself the more. Too bad for her, how will she cope now when the mother has gone. Will Shane rent another apartment for her or what?

gemma wendell 01.11.2020, 17:29:33

i am so intrigue....

Dezrene Gardner 31.10.2020, 15:17:39

I hate when rich people think they can do any and anything to the less fortunate how I wish I could just spit into that wicked witch face

elizabeth 31.10.2020, 13:32:53

I'm soo mad at Lillian, why will she keep what Margaret did to her from Shane? Why wouldn't she tell him the truth?

Tabitha Mutashi 31.10.2020, 02:31:36

ha this woman is wicked

Jessica Ali 30.10.2020, 15:22:23

I love your work. It's unique.

Jessica Ali 30.10.2020, 15:20:00


Queenebunoluelwa 27.10.2020, 00:35:13

Ah ah author dearest you just snatched my sleep
when will the story be updated I hope it's gonna be soon

Queenebunoluelwa 26.10.2020, 21:37:21

enjoying already author dearest

Bang Chae Ha 26.10.2020, 16:28:14

Wowww! I thought Shane would never know about his mother because I really want him to know (wink :-x)

gemma wendell 24.10.2020, 04:44:24

chap 14- poor lilian (sniff,sniff) made me tear up.
go, go shane... protect your flower..

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Goodness Shadrach 25.10.2020, 20:08:41

gemma wendell, Thanks for reading dear :)

Iryn Torilla 24.10.2020, 03:49:54

i really like this book. i hope u cmplet this book very soon

The last comment in the thread:

Goodness Shadrach 25.10.2020, 20:08:20

Iryn Torilla, I'm working on it :)

Foxtrot Foxtrot 24.10.2020, 05:30:42


Iryn Torilla 24.10.2020, 04:47:19

elizabeth 24.10.2020, 02:29:03

oh poverty is really a bad thing just look at how Margaret treats them so sad, I wish she could be arrested for what she did to Lillian. thanks for the update

The last comment in the thread:

Goodness Shadrach 24.10.2020, 02:59:17

elizabeth, Thanks for reading. About your wish, who is going to report her to the police? She only threw her maid out of her house.

Dezrene Gardner 24.10.2020, 01:21:48

so Lillian was beaten by Shane mother why wasn't any police involved? mother and daughter are too simple and soft spoken that woman needs to cut down a peg or two how long will she continue to rule her son's life?

The last comment in the thread:

Goodness Shadrach 24.10.2020, 02:57:42

Dezrene Gardner, I think you are forgetting who Margaret is. How can Lilly and Abigail who are maids to her sue her? Where will they get the money for such?

Pamela Hardeo 23.10.2020, 19:10:48

lovely story please update

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