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Imperial guard (rise of a new age)

Viking of Meltham

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a twisted tale about the an old empire


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Ongoing: 02 Jul 188 pages

Publication: 21.09.2019 — ...

Description of book "Imperial guard (rise of a new age)"

An age long lost will arise again, after the centuries of a golden era.

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Viking of Meltham 23.04.2020, 11:22:34

I shall be re-editing some of the work and will add descriptive text to some of the early chapters on the main characters soon

Viking of Meltham 16.04.2020, 01:24:52

Thank you for your patience readers, chapter 27 took a lot of time to get right I still think I can tweak it a little more.... hope you enjoy it

HypGothic 06.04.2020, 10:50:19

Excellent stuff.

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HypGothic 12.04.2020, 06:18:22

Viking of Meltham, woot woot!

Viking of Meltham 02.04.2020, 18:28:28

My apologies for taking so long in getting chapter 26 out, now that I am looking for a way to end the story ready for the next addition, thank you for your patience and understanding.

Celeste I. 07.03.2020, 06:29:56

I'm intrigued by how the stories' written so far; I haven't read a story like this before. The narration and descriptions are interesting and paced pretty well.

The dialogue adds to the story and doesn't waste time in giving us the information we needed. Although, I think you should add a new sentence every time a character speaks, and another line once a different character spoke.

While I enjoy how unpredictable the story is, the characters leave little impact on me; I don't find them memorable, there's too many, and not enough time to establish them. When it does, it focuses on telling how the characters behaved and felt.

This story is still engaging, and I don't know where it's going to go. It's lengthy but knows what it wants to be and gets the job done!

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Viking of Meltham 09.03.2020, 00:51:46

Celeste I., no apology needed hahahaha

Babs 03.03.2020, 14:20:21

I am so pleased to read at last a good strong intro :) So often on here I have come across ones which do not pull the reader in from the moment you read the opening lines.
When it comes to chapter one I afraid to say it was hard to follow, because when it came to the characters speaking they were not placed on a new line.
For example after you have given the description of the man in worn out armour, "Out of my," said Ridus should be on a new line.

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Babs 04.03.2020, 12:47:31

Viking of Meltham, You're welcome I am always happy to help fellow writers who are willing to learn :)
Yeah it is a very good story it just needs a bit of editing and grammar and it will become a great book. I cannot wait to see happens and I like the sound of prequels ^_^

Viking of Meltham 28.02.2020, 12:42:05

Latest chapters may be changed and improved, but I hope you enjoy them.

wayne kilkenny 12.02.2020, 13:13:22

I really liked the story it reminds me a lot of the Riyria cronicles and the last kingdom, I’m looking forward to reading more.

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Viking of Meltham 12.02.2020, 13:41:55

editing a few more chapters, hopefully will have more shortly thank you for reading

Viking of Meltham 23.01.2020, 12:29:15

Well it's been a long time coming, I have to finalize chapters 18 and 19 then find a way of publishing them along with chapter 20 without having to rewrite any of them.... editing is hard work so please bear with me.

Viking of Meltham 21.12.2019, 12:41:01

Hello readers again I must apologise for any delays on updates. I will however be finalising the next three chapters and publishing them as soon as I can....Stay tuned for a few surprises

Viking of Meltham 06.12.2019, 01:44:16

Sorry for the delay, been busy on other things

Viking of Meltham 02.12.2019, 14:42:43

Hello readers, I shall be editing and hopefully publishing chapter 16 and 17 in the next couple of days.... sorry for slow updates

Viking of Meltham 23.11.2019, 01:28:20

After a long editing period it is finally here.... Chapter 15

Viking of Meltham 10.11.2019, 23:53:36

Might be a delay on 15....see what I can do

Viking of Meltham 10.11.2019, 11:09:27

chapter 15 due tonight

Viking of Meltham 05.11.2019, 10:42:49

Chapter 14 will be released soon....I hope

Viking of Meltham 04.11.2019, 11:49:58

Hail to the readers! The long awaited war has arrived.... Will Scarban fall into the hands of Emperor Nerumas????

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Viking of Meltham 04.11.2019, 13:33:00

Mark Timber, all in good time....

Viking of Meltham 03.11.2019, 14:58:17

Tonight is the night, 2 more chapters coming your way!!!

Viking of Meltham 27.10.2019, 10:24:02

chapters 12 and 13 will be published soon....the calm before the storm!

Viking of Meltham 22.10.2019, 22:49:11

added to chapter 3 and published chapter 8

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Joko Fabela 25.10.2019, 00:59:59

Viking of Meltham, thank you

Viking of Meltham 21.10.2019, 12:42:07

Having a slight delay on chapter publishing, editing will be new chapters coming out soon....War is coming!

Viking of Meltham 17.10.2019, 19:18:56

Hi all, just wanted to let you all know that I have edited the current chapters.... spelling, punctuation etc.... next chapter in the next day or two I promise you that!

Viking of Meltham 06.10.2019, 02:42:12

Let's have a show of hands.... who's ready for another chapter?

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Eric Phillips 11.10.2019, 21:13:29

Viking of Meltham, I´m ready!!!!!

Viking of Meltham 02.10.2019, 15:58:35

hello readers, hope to have my next 2 chapters out by tomorrow evening and I will strive to release 1 or 2 each week....stay tuned

Mark Pearson 01.10.2019, 18:24:06

he's a good king, right?

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Viking of Meltham 01.10.2019, 20:56:50

See what the future holds

Jeffrey Nighty 30.09.2019, 21:04:17

will you update it soon?

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Viking of Meltham 01.10.2019, 02:41:08

hopefully by the end of this week

Nickolas Harbourt 28.09.2019, 17:19:07

interesting concept

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Viking of Meltham 28.09.2019, 19:35:26

I will aim to keep it as interesting as possible, thank you for reading my story.... more to come

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